Shapiro & Fishman Found In Contempt

Shapiro and Fishman Law Firm Found In CONTEMPT in FORECLOSURE CASE and cost Deutsche Bank a default. Man Takes On FALSE FORECLOSURE and the big banksters that STOLE HIS HOME ! Story of a man determined to prove he was wronged by the bank & Shapiro.
By: Walton
Oct. 22, 2011 - PRLog -- SHAPIRO & FISHMAN in trouble again for  playing loose with the rules of procedure. Found in CONTEMPT, the judge ruling for the defendant, citing the plaintiff  Deutsche bank diminished defendants ability to sell their home.
Huge win for the small guy fighting an up hill battle against FORECLOSURE. The defendant knew the banks attorney SHAPIRO & FISHMAN were contemptuous and
violating COURT ORDERS. While awaiting the CONTEMPT hearing they snidely tried to slide in a motion for final judgement. The judge caught on and quickly exercised caution while disciplining SHAPIRO & FISHMAN for their actions. The fine may not have been adjudged as monumental, however the defendant is cleared of all liability.
You read correctly, the banks appointed council took it upon themselves to cost their
client dearly.
The borrower / defendant had been maintaining the home as well as had it listed for sale and rent. The attorneys sent their " Servicing Agent " to change the locks and take down the FOR SALE signs. Wow where do they get the notion that without filing proper LIS PENDIS with the courts they could steal a family's home ?
The robo processing  practice may have cost the SHAPIRO & FISHMAN law firm some bad press. This  unethical theft of property, and ignoring a Court Order possibly may leave them liable for all losses incurred to their client Deutsche Bank.
The defendant / homeowner said that he knew a bank taking ones home, changing the locks and not replying to sales offers seemed very in the gray. After fighting for three and a half years there is victory, well deserved. The banks can not just hire huge law firms with tons of knowledge and deep pockets to steal their customer / borrowers home.
The court ordered that the bank wanted the home so bad they did not follow the proper steps outlined in the FORECLOSURE PROCESS. Especially being ORDERED BY THE COURT on multiple occasions to RETURN THE DEFENDANTS Home immediately.
The attorneys declined comment and would not return a phone call. They will be footing all expenses as well as having to report to their Malpractice Carrier the adjudged contempt of court charges. Shapiro & Fishman will be headed back to court very soon as the defendant now plaintiff has a clear case of damages. The courts order on the contempt case was as follows :
The home is now the property of the lender ( Deutsche Bank ) and if there is any deficiency from the liquidated sale, too bad. The legal fees of the prevailing party (defendant ) are to be paid by (plaintiff ) Deutsche Bank .  
So homeowners if you were afraid to fight back, well here is some good news. Borrower
beats banks attorney through Contempt Hearing, default causes Deutsche Bank to take back real property, forgive any and all debt of borrower. There is a justice system and when you appear to plead your case, you just may win.
Too many homeowners in default never reply to the initial request for the LIS PENDIS to begin. Take the time, reply and fight back.
If SHAPIRO & FISHMAN had not been so contemptuous maybe their client Deutsche Bank might not have lost big. However it is not over and their is more to come involving the counter claim for damages, keep reading more to come.........

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