Climbing The Mountain Of Success

Success is like climbing a mountain. You must be prepared for the climb and what you may encounter along the way. That's why I have created an entire system to prepare you and guide you up the mountain trail to success.
By: Annette Pieper
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Murray - Utah - US

Oct. 21, 2011 - PRLog -- We live in a Universe which is governed by absolute laws. The universe operates at every level with absolute precision, it never misses a beat. It is mind-blowing to consider that the same laws that govern movement of sub-atomic particles; the same laws that governs our solar system also governs us as well. These laws govern our thoughts, our feelings, our environments, our money and our businesses.

There are two worlds that we operate in. The seen world which is what we experience through our senses and the unseen world that operates outside of our five senses. The unseen world which is immense and hidden is the more powerful of the two. Imagine an iceberg. The seen portion of the iceberg is only about 10% of the iceberg. The biggest portion, 90%, is the unseen portion that lies hidden and submerged in water. It is the same with our world. Only 10% is that which we experience with our 5 senses and 90% that is unseen operates out of our awareness.

Did you see the movie Titanic? It looked like the ship was steering clear of the iceberg and yet, the unseen portion ripped into the ship because they could not see it to steer clear of it. Just like the hidden portion of the iceberg sunk the Titanic, the unseen portion of our world has the potential to sink us as well. This is the world of unconscious habits, beliefs, paradigms, self-sabotage and all of the things that either move us forward or hold us back from being the success we desire to be. In order to understand how to become conscious of what lies in our unseen world (basically our unconscious mind), I would like to talk about a law that very much affects our success as well as both worlds that we operate in. I'm talking about the Law of Attraction. Most of us have heard of the Law of Attraction, yet we don't really know how to use it completely to our benefit.

What exactly is the Law of Attraction? The law simply states that like vibrations are attracted to each other while dissimilar vibrations repel each other. So think about it this: how can you attract and create success in your life if you are consistently sending out vibrational waves of lack, not good enough, scarcity and poverty? There is absolutely no way around it. To be successful in any area of life you must change your vibrational energy.

Have you heard the term "Energy flows where attention goes"? If your attention is focused on what you don't have, on lack, limitation, debt, extra body weight; what are you going to attract more of? If your attention is focused on success, vibrant health and financial freedom, then you will attract more of that. We are already really good at using the law of attraction and many times it is not used to our benefit.

Sounds pretty simple, right? It is simple and simple does not always mean easy and effortless, are you with me? It's a simple process to climb a mountain. You start at the base of the trail and you follow the trail to the top. Simple, yes? But is it easy? Not for most people.

Will you come across obstacles? Will your legs burn as you climb? Will your back hurt from your pack? Might you encounter a bear or cougar? Will there be times when you may want to give up? Of course you need to make sure that you are equipped and prepared for the climb.

The same goes for success. It's like climbing a mountain. You must be prepared for the climb; you must be prepared for what you may encounter along the way. That's why I have created an entire system to prepare you and guide you up the mountain trail to success. The Mountain of Success(c) is part of my Success Optimization System(c) or S.O.S. for short.

I would like to invite you to attend a complementary tele-seminar to learn strategies so that you can create greater success in your life through the Mountain of Success and Success Optimization System. Visit the Possibility Caf link on my website for date and time and to register. Learn the steps to climb the trail to the top of your mountain of success. I'll be right there with you as your trail guide so what are you waiting for?

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I am The Soul Power Coach, mentor, speaker, trainer and author. I help entrepreneurs move out of self sabotage and limiting beliefs so that they can make more money and experience more fun, joy and freedom in their business and in their life.
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Tags:How To Stop Procrastinating, How To Be More Confident, Business Mastery
Location:Murray - Utah - United States
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