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Fit Over 40 is specifically written to cater for fit over 40 middle age and senior, for health, fitness and hormone restoration.
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Oct. 18, 2011 - PRLog -- Fit Over 40 is specifically written to cater for fit over 40 middle age and senior, for health, fitness and hormone restoration. Jon Benson, Transformational Life Coach, Health & Fitness Counselor and award-winning author of, "Creator, M-Powerseries," presents a program with a unique foundation. This formerly obese "old" guy interviewed 52 healthy, fit role models for his program and shares their success secrets with especially the 40 and over crowd. Jon’s co-writer, Tom Venuto, concludes the book with tips and “how to” articles about nutrition, weight training, supplements, gaining muscle, and losing fat. Here, Venuto discusses the mindset, which is a key in any successful weight loss program. Venuto explains how people’s mindset can spell the difference between a successful weight loss plan and an ineffective one. Fit Over 40 is a compilation of all the information and secrets from 52 role models on how they were able to achieve a healthier and fitter body, transform their physical appearance and improve their physical capabilities over the age of 40. It offers the motivation and information that you will ever need on how you can reverse the signs of aging by becoming fitter and leaner, decreasing your body fat, building lean muscle mass, increasing strength and stamina, reducing your waistline, increasing aerobic capacity, lowering blood pressure, improving heart rate, regulating hormones, increase mental alertness, strengthening the immune system and more. Fit over 40 discusses the strategies that really work. No bottles, no syringes no pills – pure facts. The book covers the entire gamut of anti aging starting right from how to build up your muscles, how to boost your immune system and above all how to harness this good health to halt the relentless march of heart disease, diabetes and continue to live a healthy life. No matter what kind of condition you’re in today, you can transform your body and your life… and he provides lots of proof in his book, plus lots of testimonials on his site from actual users.

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You can really slash inches and pounds off your body and look better, feel better and jump around with the boundless energy of a teenager. Fit over 40 is for all people who come up with excuses especially when it comes to their love life. In this book, you’ll learn some techniques to re-charge your sex life too! If you want to find out how you can overcome and reverse the signs and illnesses related to aging, then it would be best to try Fit Over 40. By going through it, you would have the knowledge about the secret techniques of individuals who have been able to succeed in their own battles against aging and an unhealthy lifestyle.
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