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VW campervans have become even more popular now then they were back in the sixties. Thousands of people attend VW shows to show off their pride and joy to other enthusiasts.
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Oct. 11, 2011 - PRLog -- The VW campervan bug started back in the 1960´s and became one of the world’s most popular leisure vehicles. The Volkswagen campervan started off as a delivery vehicle and were also custom made as fire engine´s and ambulance´s.  Other large companies like Westfalia and Danbury decided to get involved and turn these delivery vehicles in to campervans. They designed the campervans so they had beds, cookers, a fridge, a sink and storage compartments. The roof design was also changed to provide additional sleeping compartments in a pop top design roof. Some Volkswagen campervans can sleep up to 7 people although this would be very cosy it created the perfect family holiday getaway vehicle. The Americans loved the Volkswagen campervan so much over 150,000 were sold by 1963.

Volkswagen campervans are mainly used to take to Volkswagen shows, festivals and holidays, some even use theirs as their day to day vehicle. The VW scene is massive in the UK with a show every weekend from April to October. Volkswagen shows are an opportunity for VW campervan fans to get together and enjoy a weekend of entertainment, a few beers and of course the show and shine. The show and shine is where the best well kept and unusual VW campervans are spruced up and entered in to competitions. If you are ever lucky enough to go to Bug Jam at Santa pod raceway then you can even race your VW campervan.

Volkswagen Campervans are very costly to maintain and run which is unfortunate as so many people love them. Luckily you can hire VW campervans from a few days to a few weeks. Imagine getting the opportunity to enjoy something you love without having to buy one. Volkswagen campervan hire has been available in the UK for some time so why not hire Volkswagen campervan in Spain for a change of scenery and a bit of well deserved sunshine. Live in the UK you can hire VW campervans for a week or 2 and visit a lot of Spain rather than just a small area like you would if you were on holiday in a hotel.  VW campervan hire in Spain offers you sunshine, fantastic beaches, amazing cities and picturesque views, there is something for everyone to enjoy with VW campervan hire in Spain. If you have a certain week in mind take a look at the hire VW campervan availability to see if our gorgeous Volkswagen campervan is available for your trip.

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