Alexander George withdraws U.S. Senate Race- Endorses Senator George LeMieux

Alexander George withdraws from U.S. Senate Race - Former Candidate Endorses Senator George LeMieux
By: Beckie Angela Cooper
Oct. 5, 2011 - PRLog -- Champions Gate, FL  October 2011

Alexander George (R) , Candidate for United States Senate, issued the following statement after meeting with his staff and volunteers:

"My Fellow Floridians, With a heavy heart, I hereby withdraw from the race for the United States Senate. I entered this contest with optimism and a taste for victory... Victory over our lackluster and ultra liberal Senior Senator. We must bring Bill Nelson home to Florida. I've spent most of this year campaigning throughout our great state. I sincerely thank each and every one of my supporters, volunteers, friends, and family. I am sincerely humbled by the sacrifices they made for me. I am also deeply humbled, and grateful, for the kind Floridian welcome given to me by each community I had the privilege of visiting.

We Floridians are famous for our hospitality. I've learned so much from the thousands that took the time to speak with me. Your encouragement means more to me than you will ever know. Serving you in Washington, as your Senator, would have been the greatest honor of my life. This however, is not my year. I could continue, but 2012 is too important.  

Next year we have a vital choice to make. I've met with countless Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. They ALL want to replace Nelson. This stretches above partisan politics. Our citizens are tired of lackluster representation from their Senior Senator. He's kept his head low and boasted that he has "flown below radar". That is unacceptable! We deserve more from our public servants.

We the people, are tired of career politicians who want to enhance their resume and station in life. One of them dropped out earlier this year... If Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos had not dropped out, I'd stay in this race and fight. He raised a great deal of money, most of it from special interests. Now that he is gone, I have come to the realization that we must support the strongest candidate. As I said 2012 is too important. I will not risk splintering the Republican Party. My goal was, and is, to remove Bill Nelson.

The best person in this race, who can and will accomplish that task, is Senator George LeMieux. Mr. LeMieux is a trustworthy and honorable public servant. While serving as our U.S. Senator, George fought for taxpayers. He supported our troops, and stood up for small businesses. I wholeheartedly support this great patriot and urge my fellow Floridians to do the same".

All the best,

Alex George

IT: BA Cooper- The campaign website has been closed. Please direct all correspondence to

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