GBULLION DMCC Services Gold's Resilient Demand

The price of gold is driven up by a demand for it that has not waned since antiquity. There are several reasons why demand will continue to increase.
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Oct. 4, 2011 - PRLog -- Some of these reasons are attributable to consumer-side economics while others are based in investor tendencies and still others are connected to macro-economic policy.
How does a company like GBULLION understand and service this demand?

From the macro-economic perspective gold will remain on its upward trend as long as there remains uncertainty with respect to the US dollar and Euro. Even the recent chatter about a potential quantitative easing by the Fed was enough to pull the value of gold down a few percentage points off of its record high as a number of institutional investors timidly and temporarily left gold to return to dollar denominated assets. This is the epitome of volatility and is a clear sign of lack of confidence in currencies.

The savvy European investor led the procession toward the record gold price as both dollar denominated assets (e.g. U.S. government bonds)and European stocks were exchanged for gold on the heels of the American credit downgrade and increased speculation about the lasting power of the Euro. Even the stable northern Eurozone economy of Finland has seen its own stock market lose 20-30% of its value as investors move away from the currency and toward gold. This climate does not appear to be settling down anytime soon as long as there is serious discussion as to whether or not the European Union will exist in its current form 5 years from now. Even still, the relative weakness of the US dollar with respect to the Euro at the moment makes trading the Euro for gold even more worthwhile than ever.

Perhaps the most significant driver of demand though will stem from increased consumer-side buying capacity of the rapidly developing economies of India and China coupled with an expansion in industrial applications. India in particular has a deep cultural relationship with the precious metal and as it and its citizens become more able to purchase, they will do so in unprecedented quantities. At the same time, it is widely understood that gold plays a significant role in electronics intensive industries. As smart grid, alternative energy and consumer electronics options expand so will the need to enable them with gold.

The question about how to service this demand is where companies like Gold Money, Bullion Vault, Gold Made Simple, Gold Bullion International and GBULLION play a special role. GBULLION is unique among these for a few reasons. They are the new kid on the block and they understand that innovation from the service standpoint is critical. Each of these companies sells, stores and insures gold but GBullion is not only able to sell gold closer to the spot price than anyone else but they are also working with Brinks to take the extra step providing free delivery to any airport in the world when gold delivery is requested. So whether you’re a jeweler, investor or electronics manufacturer you can be assured to get your gold delivered to you when you want it with no shipping costs.

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GBULLION is a licensed supplier of gold to private investors, companies and funds, allowing customers to buy and sell physical gold of 999.9 purity online. GB acts as the custodian of gold, insuring it and depositing in a high security vault in Dubai.

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