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Many people think that Renewable Energy is only good for summer time or good weather. Both of these thoughts are not true as the sun rises every day, wind is blowing and rivers and streams are flowing.
Oct. 4, 2011 - PRLog -- Renewable Energy is not just for summer time.

One company stands out when it comes to Renewable Energy, D & R Energy Services.  They have made it simple for everyone to understand what Renewable Energy is and how it can benefit everyone in the world by reducing their dependence on coal and foreign oil.  As one of a limited number of companies that offer all Renewable Energy services, they pride themselves with being able to offer consumers the very best in…

Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) – Producing electricity from the sun.  PV has many advantages when installed on your home or business including increasing the value of your property and extending the life of your shingles/roofing.

Solar Thermal (domestic hot water heating) – Creating hot water from the sun.  This type of system can cut your water heating energy bill by more than 75% and possibly pay for itself in less than five years.

Solar Thermal (recreational water heating) – Pool and spa water heating.  Pool and spa heaters use a very large amount of energy to heat.  You see this on your monthly energy bills in the summer.  This Renewable Energy source can cut your heating bills by over 75% and possibly pay for itself in less than five years.

Wind Energy – Harnessing the power of the wind to produce electricity for your home or business.  The wind is around us every day moving leaves on the trees or taking a Childs kite higher and higher.  Why not let that wind create electricity too.  When the wind blows, electricity flows.

Hydroelectric Power – Using water to produce electricity.  Man has used water as a power source for centuries, Grist Mills and the grinding of grains.  Water power can be harnessed to produce electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Biomass Energy – Vegetation to heat and power.   Wood has been used to cook and heat since the beginning of time.  Waste vegetation is burned to produce process heat and electricity for large scale customers.  This is a much cleaner alternative to coal.

Biogas Energy (Methane Recovery) – Landfills, Digesters and water treatment plants.  As waste products break down they give off Methane Gas, a Renewable Energy source.  This gas can be captured and used to produce heat and electricity.

One of the best features of Renewable Energy electricity production is that you can hook into the grid and actually sell your un-used electricity back to your utility.  This is called Net Metering and utilities are required to offer this to you.  As your system is creating power, anything you do not use is sent to the grid through your Net Meter.  This meter actually runs backwards, counting down instead of the usual counting forwards, giving you credits with your utility that you can use when your system is not producing power.

Their team of trained professionals can take care of any Renewable Energy project.  This approach of providing customers with the latest in design techniques, engineering, equipment, installation and service make them stand above the rest.

D & R Energy has over 25 years in the Renewable Energy industry working with Solar, Solar Thermal, Wind, Hydroelectric, Biomass and Biogas.  For more information, contact D & R Energy Services at 877.766.0664 or visit them at to see all the products and services they offer.

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Solar, Solar Thermal, Wind, Biogas, Biomass and Hydroelectric Engineering, Consulting and Installation Services.
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