KILLER BODY—A Second Novel By Frank Catanzano --A Psychological Thriller

Killer Body, a second novel by Pittsburgh author Frank Catanzano [ISBN 978-1-4653-4064-1], is a psychological thriller that pits a powerful, psychotic serial killer against the FBI and Miami homicide detectives in a deadly game of cat and mouse.
By: Michele McTigue
Oct. 4, 2011 - PRLog -- When a vitamin salesman and a beautiful financial planner are brutally murdered in a Miami sex club, detective John Gonzalez and his team embark upon a quest to track down a killer. As a number of seemingly related murders continue, the killer is profiled by the FBI as an intelligent, powerful psychopath trained in the martial arts and driven by a compulsive blood lust that compels him to murder his victims with his bare hands.

As the body count increases, he targets task force detectives, torturing them with Japanese samurai weapons. The investigation leads to Odyssey Airlines, where he meets beautiful flight attendant Sandy Garland. Sandy and Gonzalez develop an intense romantic relationship, and as it focuses on employees of Odyssey, Sandy becomes a suspect. As he tries to protect her, Gonzalez is ultimately forced to choose between his love for Sandy and his oath as a detective.

Killer Body (XLibris Publishing) is a voyeuristic narrative of the development of a psychopathic personality and the influences during childhood, adolescence and into adulthood that contributed to it.  The killer, called the “Swinging Sex Murderer” by the Miami news media, initially preyed upon seemingly random victims.  But as the investigation intensified, a pattern emerged, until the detectives of the Miami task force assigned to track down the serial killer became targets themselves.

To order Killer Body, visit  The book is also available online from the publisher, at,, and other online retailers or can be ordered by your local bookstore.  Killer Body is also available in E-Book.


The killer’s murder spree began at a Miami swingers’ sex club.  An excerpt from Killer Body:

“It looks like whoever attacked these two did it about as efficiently as I have ever seen it done,” [Miami ME] Solez explained, pointing to the male.  “He probably punched the man in the throat first.  He knew exactly where to strike.”
   “Trained, as in Green Beret or Navy Seal?” [Detective John] Gonzalez asked.
   “Possibly, or someone just got lucky during a fit of rage,” she replied.  “Jealous husband might have followed her and watched her retreat to this private room with the dead guy there.  Just slipped in and struck him in the throat as they were having sex, and then quickly grabbed his wife or girlfriend there and snapped her neck like a piece of kindling.  We’ll get a clearer picture of what happened during autopsy.  One thing is for sure, the guy who did this is quick and powerful.”
   Gonzalez was gazing closely at a tiny black fiber caught under the woman’s leg.  Peering at it with his penlight, he extracted tweezers and picked it up carefully.  “Looks like a black hair,” he announced.  “It’s probably synthetic, from a wig. Give it to one of the team for analysis.  It’s surely not from the deceased blonde.”
   Wiggins took the small plastic bag from Gonzalez. “Problem is Sarge that this place is wall-to-wall every night with naked bodies of all shapes, colors and sexual proclivities.  Many of these pervs wear wigs.  That hair could have gotten left there by a midget car salesman from Iowa.”
   “Or a gay swineherd from Tibet,” Solez cheerfully added.  
   That retort elicited another loud snort from the photographer. Solez seemed pleased to have an appreciative audience, albeit the lone camera guy.
   “Let’s start questioning that motley bunch of sex fiends we have on ice,” Gonzalez said.  “Somebody must have seen something.”  
   Gonzalez and Wiggins made their way over to the main lounge area, where a large group of people in various stages of undress were huddled, under the watchful eyes of Miami PD officers.  One particular pair of eyes was intently watchful as an officer stared at a woman’s breasts as they struggled to break free from the tight red bustier she was wearing.  The detectives’ entrance snapped the police officers to attention and drew looks of contempt from the eclectic assemblage of swingers.
   “How long yuse gonna keep us heh?” asked one skinny bespectacled guy in a New Jersey nasally accent. He was naked save for a pair of running shorts and a black toupee perched on his pate, which resembled a flattened crow along a roadside. Gonzalez couldn’t help but think this guy couldn’t have gotten laid in a women’s prison with a handful of pardons.  It takes all kinds, he mused.
   “Long as it takes, partner,” replied Wiggins.  His response drew a collective groan from the group.
   “Officer, there’s no law against sex among consenting adults,” opined a zaftig blonde with a colorful tattoo of Marilyn Monroe adorning her right forearm, accompanied by various other illustrations on her shoulder and back.  A tattoo of a giraffe on one sagging breast might have at one time been a horse.
   “’Madam, we are investigating a homicide,” Gonzalez said, which elicited yet another rumble of nervous conversation among the group.  “Our officers will be taking statements from each of you, so we would appreciate your complete cooperation and patience.”
   Miami homicide detectives had set up an interview post in one of the club’s private rooms and were systematically ushering in members of the crowd to get their statements and to try and ascertain what they may have seen, no matter how trivial.  


Frank Catanzano is a journalist and public relations professional who has represented athletes, entertainers and organizations around the world. He has written speeches for top executives and hundreds of articles on subjects ranging from stainless alloys for aerospace to life aboard an oil super tanker.  Frank has won more than 16 national and local writing and publicity awards. An accomplished musician, he plays drums with The Jazz Express at Pittsburgh clubs, casinos and other venues.
He is also the author of Drummer for the Mob, a true story of his years working for organized crime figures who owned the clubs in which his band worked. It has been adapted to the screen and North Shore Pictures will begin principal photography in 2012. Well known actor  William Forsythe will play the role of Big Julie Passsano.

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