From Homeless Teenager To Successful Entrepreneur

Former homeless teenager finds success against the odds.Thirty three year old Matt Kinsella has come a long way in the last 14 years. At 19 he was living in a hostel for homeless teenagers, since then he has found success as an entrepreneur.
By: Matt Kinsella
Sept. 26, 2011 - PRLog -- For many years Matt listened to people telling him how lucky he was but he felt this was a little hard to swallow considering what he had been through and how hard it had been to succeed with nothing behind him. Matt decided that if this is what people perceived to be “luck” then he could teach anyone how to be lucky. In January this year he started writing his book How To Be Lucky. Despite offers from publishers he has self-published via and

Matt has already gained a large following via his blog and on Twitter

Talking about why he wanted to write the book Matt said “I really wanted to help people see that anyone can create opportunities and make things happen if they really want to. Everyone makes excuses and want to believe others are lucky but they don’t realise they could do the same, this book tells my story and shows people how they can do it too.”

Matt has also decided that a percentage of all sales of the book will go to select charities. The first charitable donations will go to homeless charities. The other charitable donations will go to microfinance charities that loan money to people in deprived countries to assist them setup in business or small enterprises.

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How To Be Lucky by Matt Kinsella contains his unique story of coming from a homeless hostel at 19 but going on to become a successful entrepreneur. How To Be Lucky is also a guide to others to show how anyone from any background can achieve great things.

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