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It is that time of year again "Snow Tire Shopping Season" . Now it is time to get prepared for winter and get our new set of tires. Find the best prices online quickly and easily.
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Sept. 24, 2011 - PRLog -- The temperatures are beginning to fall, the days are getting shorter and the leaf peepers are here in Vermont. All sure signs that winter is right around the corner. which means we need to think about purchasing our snow tires. This year a new site has been formed geared toward shopping for snow tires. is a new resource for purchasing snow tires online.

We all know that snow tire shopping is not our favorite thing to do in the world. We have enough to worry about with packing up the summer toys, tables,grills etc.. And of course (ouch) Getting our heating fuel,gas or wood for our wood stoves. The last thing we want to worry about is winter tires. So what do we do? We put it off until snow fly's and make the mad rush to the tire stores only to find out that everyone else did the same thing. Not only that but the tire prices are now inflated. Sound familiar?

  This year maybe you can try something different. If you plan ahead and visit you can save money and hassle by shopping for your snow tires online. Your tires will arrive in only a few days and the task is nearly complete. The nice thing about ordering tires online is you can now take your new tires to anyone including your mechanic to have them installed. You do not have to rely on the tire store.

 Another positive about ordering winter tires online is that you have a much better selection of tires to choose from. Many times at your local tire store you have to settle for what they offer and by November that can sometimes mean your choice is one brand or even worse the size you need has been sold out for the year.  This does happen. I managed a tire store for many years and the truth is most tire stores order in what they think they will need for the season and when they are gone they are gone. Snow tire production only happens for two months out of the year when tire manufacturers re-tool to produce snow tires then go back to regular production. If you own a new vehicle then you may have a new uncommon size. Many times snow tires for these vehicles are very limited and some times non existent. Keep this in mind and check early.

 So to wrap up. it is best to shop early for your snow tires and do your research before hand. Shop online and save your self some money and hassle as well as having a much better selection of tires. Don't wait until the last minute only to pay a higher price and get caught in the mad snow tire rush.

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Todd Hebert is the owner of BT Automotive Tires. He is a writer and blogger for the automotive industry.

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