Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury are Named 2011 Soul Mates of the Year

Jordan Canon, International Spiritual Advisor, announces Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury have been named the winners of the title "2011 Soul Mates of the Year."
By: Jordan Canon
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Sept. 24, 2011 - PRLog -- Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury have been named the winners of the title "2011 Soul Mates of the Year." The stars of the popular Discovery Channel show "Dual Survival" have proven that you don't have to be lovers to be soul mates.

Dave and Cody go out into rough and dangerous territory including deserts and wildernesses and show their viewers what needs to be done to survive in a worse-case scenario, such as having a car break down in the middle of a desert.

While the survival skills Cody and Dave teach are important, the reason they were awarded the title "Soul Mates of the Year" by is because of the lessons they teach on how opposites who disagree can still relate to each other, attract each other and survive together. The are proof to the theory that the Universe desires us to overcome challenges and evolve our souls together.

About Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury

Cody and Dave could not be more different from each other. Cody, who lives in Arizona, is a minimalist who has not worn shoes for more than 20 years. For that matter, he prefers to forgo pants as well. Regardless of travel conditions, from snow-covered mountains to bug-infested jungles, Cody survives without the comfort of clothing that most would consider a basic necessity. Cody is the "hippie" of the series and is a Pisces by birth.

Dave is a former sniper for the US army and has participated and trained soldiers in missions both in Central America, as well as Korea. Organized and precise, Dave is about as far from being a "hippie" as one can be. Dave resides in Ohio where he teaches hunting and tracking. Yes, Dave prefers to wear all the clothing available to him. Dave is a Virgo by birth.

Amazingly, these are two types who by analysis should never be able to get along together, much less be soul mates. In a compatibility scoring by, the two scored low.

In fact, during the course of the show, as Dave and Cody work together, it becomes apparent Dave resents Cody for refusing to wear shoes. He believes that Cody's lack of shoes is a danger to the team and slows them down. Cody vehemently disagrees and believes that man had no problems with his feet until he began wearing shoes.

Overcoming challenges to become soul mates

Cody and Dave may be different, but they are forced to work together in order to survive. In the course of working and surviving together, they have become attuned to each another and are able to overcome a lifetime of differences by taking the following measures:

1. Listening- Dave and Cody may disagree but each gives the other the respect of actually listening to what the other has to say.

2. Yield- One of the two yields to the other and his plan. Once the plan is decided, each works as if it were his idea. The words "I told you so" are never spoken and each commits 100 percent to the survival plan.

3. Team- The two realize they are a team and must work together in order to attain success.

4. Respect- Regardless of their differing beliefs, the two practice mutual respect and neither tries to make himself feel better by tearing the other down.

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