Conscious Music Entertainment Reaches Out To Humanity To Support Cause

In A Time When Music Becomes Even More Confusing For Our Youth Conscious Music Entertainment Turns To Humanity For Financial Support Asking For Donations To Fund Its Mission
Sept. 24, 2011 - PRLog -- Conscious Music Entertainment also known as {CME} a talent agency that was developed to bring awareness to society concerning the negative impact today's music seems to have on our youth. With the continual mixed messages that music lyrics have had on our youth it is no wonder our kids are confused and out of control.

In our ever changing world our youth have always been guided on the marketable passing fads and popular styles current

in their everyday world. Music has certainly had its influences over us all in our growing years  and, even still today plays a dynamic

role in our lives and in our children's lives as well. Never can I recall in my life a time when music had become so questionable in content

that I would believe I would witness the dynamic effects it has placed on our society influencing our kids. Almost like a drug it has

become an epidemic by proportions swaying our kids in-appropriate language, dress and lifestyle that is not  acceptable. That is when I was

motivated to try and make the change by bringing awareness, and knowledge to the fore front of the industry with an appeal to humanity the artist, and the music industry by forming Conscious Music Entertainment, Partnering with Pat Melfi, the former VP of MCA Records and supported by TV Producer Lewis Marklin Mash whose charitable work can only serve as a strong support system in the appeal to mankind. Also serving our board is Publicist Audra Nay who has implemented her knowledge and humanitarian heart to the cause. together we work to

bring knowledge and support to the great need our children have wandered into in the way of music.  Those in the industry must understand and be clear as to the choices and decisions they are making when they allow music in- appropriate filter into our children's hands all for the glory of fast get rich mentality at the risk of influencing our children and their choices that not only affect their growth but paint a wrong picture of reality and sets a weak foundation for them to stand on in preparing their future that will ultimately affect us all.. Music containing hard core language that degrades our female population is not entertainment it is offensive to all women and sends the wrong message to our younger females and generates a degrading behavior from the now generation.

Women of all ages and especially our young females should be taught to respect themselves and their bodies. Music containing promotion of drugs alcohol, and violence again sends out the message violence is okay and it is not. Bullying. in schools has become a major concern and has generated from what our society has allowed to filter into our children's hands all through music. Music has been with us since the beginning of time and will continue to exist until the end. And has a teaching value to its musical vibe. Known as the language of the universe it has rendered great healing through out time. We here at CME now feel by mentoring with music we can heal the damage done to the sound that has been meant to comfort heal and entertain the medicine to the soul has been poisoned through poor choice of words and lyric content. It is now time to fix what we as a society have allowed to go on right under our noses. Conscious Music Entertainment mentoring through music the pain medicine to societies heart aches.
Those humanitarians wishing to render support with a donation can do so my sending it to P.O.Box 15242 Latonia, Kentucky 41015 C/O Conscious Music Entertainment or by following the link Donations will be used to support the cause by bringing awareness and creating a Brand that will prevent youth under 18 from purchasing material in-appropriate for their age group.

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Conscious Music Entertainment Founded By Milliea Taylor McKinney In Support Of Positive Lyrics For Our Youth Society And Future. Partnered By Pat Melfi, And Supported Lewis Marklin Mash, And Audra Nay. Inspired By Skyler Jett.
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