Power of One Teambuild & F5M Millionares Club GB Passive Income Difference Explained!

After many inquiries through support emails, the time has come to make a public statement explaining the difference between the Regular F5M-MC Gold Booster (GB) and The Power of One Income 4 Life (TPOOI4L) Team Build Gold Booster for passive income.
Maurice Bernier Owner/Founder - "TPOOI4L"
Maurice Bernier Owner/Founder - "TPOOI4L"
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Sept. 23, 2011 - PRLog -- As owner and sole acting administrator of ThePowerOfOneIncome4Life.com, I receive support emails from time to time from members which inspire me to create these press releases. Many thanks to Mr. G. Roberts who inspired me today through his email that lead to this one!

In order to best demonstrate what I mean by inspiration from members and to truly show the difference between the F5M-MC Regular GB and our own Teambuild/GB Co-op, I will simply paste in the email I received along with the response I gave as an answer to Mr, Roberts' question.

Mr. Roberts Subject Line to Me Was:
dumb question from me

Here is his email:

                          This may seem a dumb question to you, but after waiting nearly a month to see the results of this powerofoneincome4life program, and having gained at least 1 referral and $4.70 since joining, which is not bad, but nothing to really "write home about", I need to ask you whether it would be more advisable (profitable) for me to simply stick with the Co-op advertising packages month by month instead!? I mean we are really just interested in what brings in more profit, are we not? So can you honestly advise me, as to which of these 2 options would be better for a member such as myself who finds it extremely hard to promote and recruit people.?

I had to read between the lines a bit here since I could only see reference to one option which was "Co-op advertising packages". As a result, I came to the conclusion that he must be talking about the regular F5M-MC GB Co-op purchases available through "F5M Millionaires Club" and our own "Power Of One Income 4 Life.Com Bonus Wealth Formula Team Build Co-op" which also includes a GB position.

So this is how I responded:

Hello Gxxxxxx, (Omitted name for privacy protection)

It's good to hear from you and thanks for showing interest in your "TPOOI4L"
business by sending this email!

There is no such thing as a dumb question when trying to grow a business.
Those that are dumb are the ones who don't ask when they don't know.

It's hard for me to answer your question without sounding like I just want to
talk you into spending more but, I will be as truthful as you should expect
me to be!

Let me try by showing you this first:

The regular GB (Gold Booster) performance briefly defined:

1) You purchase a GB position, get 30 days advertising from F5M-MC then
you along with 3 others in your team earn at a cost of $25.00.
You then have to promote your F5M-MC and hope that you get more Gold
Booster sign-ups to grow your income!

The TPOOI4L/GB Teambuild Co-op performance briefly defined:

You purchase a Teambuild Co-op position at a cost of $44.95 then you along
with 3 other Teambuild members get paid. You still get 30 days of advertising
from F5M-MC but, here is the big difference.

All new members that upgrade in "TPOOI4L" are placed under the Teambuild
GB (Which could be you!) - You don't have to sponsor this member.
As new Teambuild purchases are made by highly regular purchasing members
they are placed in the Teambuild GB (Which could also be you!) - Once again
you don't have to sponsor these members!

Bottom line is that as the Teambuild grows so does your income so, it is definitely
the best strategy for you to take if you do decide to make regular monthly purchases.

However, I always recommend that you do not spend what you can't afford and once
your income level from the GB reaches good profit levels, use these profits for all
your online spending and cut up your credit card.  

This is the most honest I can be without sounding like a pushy salesman so, please
make the decision for yourself. I try never to encourage spending without knowing a
persons current financial situation!

I hope this is what you were looking for in an answer to your questions. If not, you can
always contact me through Skype during my regular meeting sessions!

I truly hope that this is helpful information for all our members as well as other members who may decide to join us at a later date. It is and always will be one of our main priorities to help you make a well informed decision with regards to your "TPOOI4L" business!

Our goal is for the world to see through these press releases that we are totally transparent and above board when conducting our day-to-day business activities.

If you would like to learn more about our "Power Of One Income 4 Life.Com Bonus Wealth Formula Team Build Co-op", all you have to do is visit the following link:

Wishing you all success and happiness,

Maurice Bernier
Owner/CEO: ThepowerOfOneIncome4Life.com

# # #

ThePowerOfOneIncome4Life.com is dedicated to taking the average stay at home mom/dad from rags to great income. Work our business at home from your PC and you will definitely achieve excellent earnings. Only 2 hours daily needed for guaranteed results!
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