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Are you tired of receiving spams every day, and still don't know how to handle with them? You got ways to find out.
By: Jayci
Sept. 13, 2011 - PRLog -- We are receiving papers in mailbox every morning. While in the information age, we use electronic mailbox to receive emails, and it is extremely aggravating to get large amounts of junk mail from strangers. These undesired mails could transmit virus and make your computer contagious. Surveillance programme such as parental controls could facilitate you to block junk emails, furthermore, there are some means to record junk mails.

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1. Use major email account to receive mails from your families and secondary to take part in Internet meetings. A great number of people install anti adware and parental monitoring program to safeguard their computers, and they use only major email account for several uses, and they figure that it wouldn't be essential to apply over one, and suggestions would be having four or several free webmail like Yahoo mail and Gmail, use one contents your needs.

2. Use junk mail recording widget. Above-mentioned email services embrace good spam monitor function. In Gmail, after you open an email, click the "More" label, and you would see options like "Mark as unread", "Create event" , "Unmute", and etc. You can press "Filter messages like this" to choose actions, such as "delete it" and "Delete it", to select actions against the email sender, or merely follow the tips to make a basic policy to block undesired email robots. Install a spam filter plugin like CA Anti-Spam and Junk-Out if you are using Microsoft Outlook Express. Parental control like Spamgourmet could be a good choice, you don't have to install any programme on your computer, all you left to do is to register an account, input the email address you need to be secured, once you identify your email address, you could create disposable email address.

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3. Report your spam to coherent agency. Parental monitoring may block all the spam with 100 percent accuracy. You would also send your email to which is the spam box for FTC (Federal Trade Commission). E-mail sent to this box would be checked. If it is identified to be spam, the E-mail sender would be fined five hundred bucks per mail, the more e-mails they send the more they get lost.

4. Stop revealing email address on a public BBS. Normally speaking, the email address would be embedded with mailto: HTML tags which become clickable URL. Parent control may be useful. A lot of spiders or relevant applications will mechanically grab email addresses from sites or profile that contains an "@" character, and inclined to send spams to these addresses.

5. Don't give out your personal email address. Why not use parent control? Sometimes, you were asked to fill a variety of details via forms if you want to be a member of the webpages, spambots can search email addresses from these paper forms, or the web site sells those webpage lists to the robots, and become accessible on the net.

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