The Women Behind the Vyzion Interview

Two young minority women running their own business. This is their story of how they started the company, how they compete with men and how they adapt to the male dominated corporate world.
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Sept. 13, 2011 - PRLog -- When you go to the mission statement of the Vyzion Entertainment website,, this is one of the first lines you will see. This means that Vyzion Entertainment is a company with direction; a purpose. Vyzion Entertainment is an independent record label that is breaking into the music industry with power, talent, and drive to achieve the highest level of success.

They operate to initially promote primarily and eastcoast PA, such as eastcoast based bands and artists, and then expanding nationally and globally with the objective to produce exceptional and highly entertaining music in all genres. One of the driving forces behind Vyzion Entertainment is Chief Operations Officer, Stephanie Bailey. As COO and Artist Management, Stephanie has been responsible for the branding, managing, booking, planning, and the coordination of the Vyzion Entertainment artist and bands performing at 14 different venues within a six month period.

One of the sister companies under Vyzion Entertainment is Vyzion Mutimedia and Vyzion Radio. Vyzion Radio, , is a new and innovative broadcasting entity which came onto the internet radio scene on February 1, 2011. Not only does Vyzion Radio give opportunities to up and coming artist and indie artist, it also employs the DJ Domination DJ’s Worldwide which has 30 DJs spinning the hottest club mixes of hip-hop, R&B, reggae, reggeaton, house, dance, Top 40 and mashups. Guiding the way for the internet radio station is the President of Vyzion Radio, Tomeka Forrest Bostic. In just a short period of time Tomeka has witnessed the growth of Vyzion Radio and she truly has a vision of where she would like to see Vyzion Radio go. She takes pride in everything that she does and she looks forward to Vyzion Radio making its mark on internet radio as we know it.

Recently, I was given a chance to have a conversation with both of these enterprising women to learn what makes them and their companies apart from others.
Let’s start with an easy one: Who were your influences that help make you who you are today?

Tomeka: I really can’t say that one person influenced me. I would have to say that it was many people who came into my life; not just one. I had a 4th grade teacher that influenced me early on who was a single Afro American woman; when I was in high school I had a high school counselor who push me towards going to college, which made me the first and last in my family to go to a 4 year university. My parents were my biggest cheerleaders though. Music inspires me more than any one individual and that’s why I am so excited about my position as President of Vyzion Radio.

Stephanie: My Mom and Dad. Dad would always give me words of encouragement and he say to me “never give up” and “give it all you got”. My Mom taught me honesty and integrity. I also learned a lot watching my husband, Greg, deal with different aspects of business.
How do you cope with your family life while running a business?

Tomeka: I’ve worked since I was 16. My husband and I never had the opportunity like this until now – to be in a position where one of us could financially leave our job to be involved in something like this – so this came at the perfect time. June 6, 2011 was my last day at my job at the university and with our son in daycare and my husband’s help on the weekends, I have the flexibility to work when needed

Stephanie: I just do it. I organize and run my household and that’s the same way I run business.
How do you handle not only working in a male dominated company but a male dominated business as well?

Tomeka: I think it’s working out just fine. I have so many ideas for Vyzion Radio and from a female perspective I think into things more deeply than then most men. I have to think more in terms of 3D where the guys think more on the terms of what’s the bottom line. The one thing about it is that between the two companies I love the camaraderie I have with Stephanie. We bounce ideas back and forth with each other on a daily basis.

Stephanie: I actually like it. In Vyzion Entertainment there is my husband Greg, Chris Gill, Alving Garcia and myself so I can hang with the guys and have conversations with them. As women, though, we tend to look in that in-between area as far as making a clear decision.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Tomeka: I see myself still President of Vyzion Radio with millions of listeners running a successful internet company. I see myself becoming the Oprah Winfrey of internet radio. Yes I want to put that out there.

Stephanie: In five years my husband, Greg, and I will be in New York in a penthouse running Vyzion.
With the inception of internet radio over the years, where do you see the industry in 5 years?

Tomeka: In five years I see internet radio being a lot like conventional radio is today. Vyzion Radio is already ahead of the game with what’s going on in internet radio because of the indie artists that we already play. Vyzion Radio also gives back to community. We host local college homecomings here in North Carolina and involved in tours but we plan on expanding to other homecomings and tours in different cities throughout the country.

Stephanie: I think the industry will be how it was in the 80′s and 90′s in that it will go back to real music. In my time we had people like Marvin Gaye with the social and political aspects and KRS1 with real lyrics that were teaching you something. You don’t always get that now with the industry and that’s what Vyzion Entertainment is trying to do.
You just mentioned music of the past, how do you both see the industry now as oppose to the way it use to be when you were younger?

Tomeka: Every generation thinks that their music is the real music. Our parents had Motown and that was real music, in the 70′ and early 80′s we had groups like The Gap Band and the Ojays and that was real music, then we had Tupac, Biggie and Mary J and to the hip hoppers that was the real hip hop. Music we’re not fond of is because of generation. The great thing about Vyzion Radio is we mix the music. Several different genres in mixes and that is what will take us to the next level

Stephanie: I think before it was more about making the music and over the years there is so much greed attached to the industry and what we’re doing at Vyzion is getting back to putting out good music.

That being said what’s in your car CD player right now?

Tomeka: Mariah Carey. Every song she has ever made means something to me. I love her music

Stephanie: Let me see, I have the artist from the Vyzion Showcase, Mary J Blige, and The Fugees
What has been your worst experience in this business so far?

Tomeka: Nothing to be honest. I’m a hands on person so I’m learning, I’m growing and it’s intriguing and I’m enjoying everything at this point. I’m able to grow from challenges, take it at face value and keep it moving.

Stephanie: I hate the headaches that come with it; like finding the right DJ and different production things. You have to stay on your game with the competition. Otherwise I love everything, from working with the artist to the DJ’s and putting together the shows. I’m just enjoying what I am doing.
Before we wrap up any last words or advice you want to give, especially to young women starting out?

Tomeka: Put God first. An individual should stay true to themselves. Only you know what makes you tick. Make sure you have dreams and write them down then cross them off as you achieve them and go to the next one. Stick with people that believe in you. I believe God has put certain individuals in my life in order for me to go from one stage to the next.

Stephanie: With the Lord everything is possible. As long as you have a relationship with Him and know what is right, you can do anything.

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Vyzion Radio Based In Raleigh and New York City , innovative internet radio broadcasting entity: This dynamic and powerful radio broadcasting conglomerate offers something that the public has not been exposed to on a worldwide Internet radio basis.
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