US Airlines Letter Gives Two Free Round Trip Tickets!

US Airlines is a traveling promotional company. They mainly focus on increasing revenue for airlines. They also provide services to hotels and cruise ships.
Sept. 13, 2011 - PRLog -- US Airlines is sending out a letter that contains a voucher for free round trip airline tickets. The free round trip airline tickets are good for anywhere in the USA. US Airlines is helping airlines drum up business, by giving away these tickets they are bringing in new business. This is a current promotion, which will not last long. When you get your US Airlines ticket you will be instruction to call an 800 number to schedule a time when you can pick up your tickets.

US Airlines is a traveling promotional company. They mainly focus on increasing revenue for airlines. They also provide services to hotels and cruise ships.  It is their job to bring these businesses new customers as well as encourage current customers to come back and use their services again.

If you are lucky enough to receive an US Airlines letter, you will get two free tickets. These are round trip airline tickets. There are no restrictions with these tickets. You can book your flight for anytime and anywhere in the USA. When you receive your tickets you will have up to one year to use them.

Why is US Airlines giving away two free tickets? People do not fly as much as they used to. US Airlines was hired by the major airline companies to promote their services. Instead of spending millions and millions of dollars on a TV advertisement that people might not see, they hire US Airlines and have a better chance at making their advertising campaign a success. By giving away these free tickets they are advertising their airline. They hope that you will use your free tickets, see how great they are, and tell all your friends. This is simple a marketing concept that you must take advantage of. You would not waste a free coupon for a large pizza would you?

This is a limited time advertising campaign. US Airlines will not be giving out these tickets for long. When you get your US Airline letter be sure to act quickly! This awesome promotion could end at any time.

When you get your US Airlines letter call the 800 number included. The US Airlines agent will tell you how to get your tickets. They will need to see ID in order to verify that the US Airlines letter belongs to dkiyt you and you are the qualifying recipient of the letter. Do not worry they are absolutely free and will not cost you anything.

It is being reported that the round trip airline tickets are legit and were very easy to redeem. Lisa, age 42 said she was able to use her tickets and take her son to Hawaii three months after she received her letter: “The free airline tickets were so easy to redeem. I was hesitant at first and thought it might be a scam, but I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a try. When I called, I was giving an address to a local hotel where I could go and pick up my tickets. When I arrived I had to show valid ID. They then provided me with some information on traveling tips and how to save money when traveling. Then they handed me two free tickets. I had to wait until I had time off from work before we could use the free tickets, so it took me about three months before I could use them. I never had any problems and never had to pay anything extra. My son Jason and I enjoyed our trip to Hawaii very much so. “

This is a great deal and not many people will be able to take advantage of this. I hope that you are able to get a letter too. Be sure to pick up the phone and call the 800 number to redeem your airline tickets as soon as you get your US Airlines letter!

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