Unelected Revolutionary Transitional Puppet Councils Display Hatred against Civilized Democracy’s

Some malcontent radical Muslim clerics condone and encourage the masses to attack all non Muslims and the people of other faiths without fear of interference to such a barbaric foreign policy because of their previous deal with radical Muslim
Sept. 11, 2011 - PRLog -- Where was the Egyptian army when this premeditated, coordinated and planned attack by an anarchist mob of malcontent radical Muslim thugs attached and smashed the Embassy of a Sovereign democratic nation?

These revised uncivilized and barbaric actions of rampage by radical Egyptian Muslims remind the civilized world of the radical Muslim mobs of Iran when its revolutionary unelected transitional council, under the leadership and direction of the then Ayatollah Khomeini, encouraged and supported the hostage taking of Christians and ransacking of the USA Embassy a Sovereign democratic nation unlike that of Iran, Egypt or Libya.

The 2011 Middle Eastern Arab spring of mob riots, lawlessness, rape and killings all smilingly condoned and encouraged but never opposed or rejected too by malcontent radical Muslim clerics from within the sanctuary of their Mosques.

However they eagerly accepted and preached to the radical Muslim masses to attack all non Muslims and the people of other faiths and without apparent fear of reprisals or interference from any effective security response to such a barbaric foreign policy preached by them because of their previous deal with the radical Muslim malcontent Muslim mobs.

And eagerly accepted by these undemocratic and unelected revolutionary puppet transitional councils arising from the tyranny and totalitarianism from the ashes of this Arab spring of radical Muslim religious uprisings as their new world order of mob rule, condoned by both radical Muslim clerics and puppet revolutionary transitional councils unelected by the people.

Until these unelected and undemocratic Arab revolutionary transitional councils of Egypt and Libya have been elected by their legal citizens in democratic elections and for  a minimum of 4 years have shown to the world that they are capable of governing democratically and have respected and protected the rights of all peoples of various religions and tribes there should be NO speedy aid money forthcoming from the G7 or United Nations to any of these unelected and puppet revolutionary transitional councils of Egypt, Libya or other Arab countries.

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Peter CLARKE with a background in economics and business is CEO of Ellis Clarke International and one if the founders.
Peter has two daughter Adele and Sarah and is remarried to Tatiana Toledo a beautifully intelligent women and mother to her son Noel.

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