Attentiveness meditation – the simple way for a better life

Attentiveness meditation, just as meditation for silence and peace, is an ideal introduction to the topic of mediation.
By: Werner Jakob Weiher
Sept. 9, 2011 - PRLog -- Buddhism refers to it as Vipassana meditation. Being one of the most ancient forms, it spread to all circles of laypeople throughout the centuries. Attentiveness meditation works with alert perception of processes instead of extraordinary states of mind or special knowledge. It is based on perception of a person’s own breathing. During meditation, which is performed in a relaxed, mainly sitting poise, attention is dedicated to the rhythym of the oxygen current, the movements of the chest and the abdominal wall such as the flow through the nostrils. Some techniques applied when practising attentiveness meditation include the entire journey through all parts of the body.

Attentiveness meditation tolerates the flow of thoughts interrupting silence and exhales it with the next breath of air. It teaches not to react to cerebral impulses the usual way. The meditator attentively follows the impulses on their way through consciousness. When referring to advanced meditating, attentiveness can be concentrated on both mental and emotional issues and processes.

Deeper insight into intuitively ascertainable truths and thus salvation from fears, illusions, and dependencies is the foremost goal of attentiveness meditation. This makes attentiveness meditation relevant for alternative medical issues and treatment of addiction, as well as modern methods of self-awareness, as used in The Secret.

More about the world of meditation in the „encyclopaedia of meditation“ on

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