Audiovisual meditation - Realize your aims in life via Secret Meditation

Visualization exercises and emotional connections are important components of the audiovisual meditation.
By: Werner Jakob Weiher
Sept. 7, 2011 - PRLog -- Meditation means strictly speaking  "to rest“ or "to be here and now“. Besides the original meditation practice, many variants and special forms of meditation have developed. These include particularly imaginary journeys and the autogenous training, which are referred to as meditative exercises.

More and more people try by using "active" meditations - as the audiovisual meditation - to exploit their inner potential, in order "to create“ positive environments. In addition to the relaxation effect, a connection to the subconscious is to be produced. Visualizations and emotional links are to increase the success of meditation.

Visualizations and emotional links

A visualization exercise is primarily about making desirable everyday situations arising vividly prior to the inner eye. This allows the meditator to imagine, for example, spending a dream holiday in the Caribbean. So that the meditation remains no "simple“ daydream, it is important to establish an emotional link. The more meanings and feelings are incorporated in the meditation, the more successful the subconscious can memorize the images. The meditator imagines, feeling the sand under his feet, hearing the sound of the waves and to taste the culinary delights. The aim of such an "active" meditation is to imagine the picture as vivid as possible, in order to bring the desired quickly to life. The brain and also the subconscious will become active in a visualization process. It is interesting that our brain does not matter whether we think of the holiday, or actually participate in one. Brain researchers confirm these finding. Our brain does not distinguish between reality and visual performance - in both cases the same brain region is activated. While some only sneer at such a practice, the other meditate euphoric to put their aim in life into practice. But can they actually achieve their aim in life? An attempt is worth it and the relaxation effect is guaranteed.

Audiovisual Meditation: Secret Meditation

The publishing house Jakobsweg live has launched a CD-Rom, which includes two audiovisual meditations: The Secret meditation. The two meditations "sunrise and starry sky" should help the meditator to establish a connection to the "inner voice" and to increase the energy flow. Components like music, language, sounds and even video clips are used. The visualization process and thus the success of the meditation should be facilitated and optimized.

Secret-Meditations-Designer for individual meditation

Besides this "final" version, there is also the alternative to create an individual meditation. A specially-equipped website provides a meditation designer. The visitor can choose freely between prefabricated units, such as video sequences, nature sounds, music and voices and can put them together according to their own wishes.

A Visionboard craft idea offers an increase of success in meditation. The user finds suggestions as to boosting audiovisual meditation efficiently. If a new car is the meditator’s goal, then all he does is cut out a car from a magazine and attach it to different objects. Places confronting the viewer with the image frequently are considered most suitable and beneficial. A Visionboard made with love can be placed decoratively in the living room, Thus, the user killst wo birds with one stone. Whilst our positive decoration enhances the housing space, the subconscious will not „forget“ its task – to obtain the object soonest possible. The underlying reason for the success of the method is simple to explain: issues we concern ourselves with in everxday life automatically become part of our lives. Psychologists call this effect „selective perception“. Certain parts of our surroundings are perceived, whilst others are simply faded out. Audiovisual meditation supports this phenomenon’s coming into being.

Whom is audiovisual meditation aimed at?
Whilst common meditation is meant to lead the meditator to peace and reflection, audiovisual meditation is all about bringing about a positive view of life. In times of uncertainty, exercises such as this can help zero in on goals. Especially enthusiasts of positive thinking rejoice in this kind of meditation.

More about the world of meditation in the „encyclopaedia of meditation“ on
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