And Manish Puskale's Journey Into The Abstracts, with an aim to promote Indian contemporary art, is showcasing an interesting Online Exhibition by Manish Pushkale, where the artist would take the viewers to a journey through abstracts.
Manish Pushkale. Kafka's Letter to Father-I. Water
Manish Pushkale. Kafka's Letter to Father-I. Water
Sept. 5, 2011 - PRLog --, this fortnight promises a journey into mystery, unique techniques, vivid colors and harmony. Starting September 1, uptill September 15, Manish Pushkale would showcase his work in an Online Exhibition at

Manish Pushkale's meticulous choice of colors used to layer his works, and the method of applying and wiping off paint is thought provoking. As an artist, Manish has evolved a language of abstraction which carries his own personal imprint. Both his vision and artistic idiom have been growing fast, attaining amazing levels of maturity and significance.

Manish's works are delightful play of formal dichotomies like those of light-shade, mark-erasure, form-formlessness, restraint-excess, control-indulgence. However, his current body of works have matured to a level that confronts and assimilates all these oppositions to achieve a state of refined harmony. Explaining his concept, Manish shares, “For me, colour is a tool to clad the invisible. My work doesn't tell any story; it is abstract. It is about realization of our very existence.”

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