New iPauseMusic Released - "Listen Without Looking"

iPauseMusic is not just for the office anymore. Version 3.0 was just released. It has been optimized to run on battery power allowing for many more places where people can use their iPhone to listen to music without ignoring their surroundings.
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Sept. 1, 2011 - PRLog -- iPauseMusic is the best way to listen to your music without ignoring your surroundings.  iPauseMusic watches for visitors while you concentrate on something else.

iPauseMusic uses your iPod / iPhone / iPad camera to detect motion and automatically pauses *any* audio source.

When a visitor enters the designated area, the music is automatically paused and the display changes to show who has stopped by.

iPauseMusic only triggers from motion in the user specified area and ignores all other motion.

Use iPauseMusic:
- By the pool while you catch some rays with your eyes closed.  iPauseMusic lets you know when someone brings you a Pina Colada.

- At home on a docking station to automatically pause music when someone enters the room, or when you leave the room.

- With AirPlay to play to your stereo while looking for visitors out the window.

- At the office to watch for approaching visitors while you listen to music at your desk.  When visitors enter the designated area, the music is automatically paused and the display changes to show who has stopped by. Your visitors will see a “Paused” message prominently displayed, which lets them know they can now start talking to you.

- In a noisy place with noise canceling headsets, even if you are not listening to music. When someone enters the designated area, a chime plays, alerting you to their presence.

- At the airport to rest your eyes while it keeps an eye on your luggage or the gate. The optional trigger sound will notify you of movement, even if the audio is paused.

- Without headphones with the chime sound turned on. Whenever someone enters your area, the chime will play.

Designed for all day use, iPauseMusic has a huge Pause / Play button to simplify repeated interactions during the day. You aren’t stuck using the tiny little buttons on most music players.

To keep iPauseMusic free, it is discretely ad sponsored. If you prefer un-sponsored, iPauseMusic-Pro is available in the app store for a nominal fee.

In addition to using the built in iPod music, iPauseMusic works with any audio application that supports iOS4 background audio.

“Listen Without Looking” - iPauseMusic
Dynovations, Inc.

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