How To Become A Bankruptcy Affiliate

You can now start offering bankruptcy services in 40 states by signing up to be a Bankruptcy Affiliate. There is clearly enormous value in the business model and for many reasons including no paperwork. How to join a Bankruptcy Affiliates Program.
By: Rich Preisig
Aug. 29, 2011 - PRLog -- Bankruptcy Affiliates have identified several reasons to be in a bankruptcy affiliate program.  First, the need for bankruptcy services is only increasing. Second, the economy doesn't look to get any better including an increase in the jobs rate. Third, debt settlement affiliates all but went out of business with the FTC ruling last October. Fourth, the next wave of foreclosures and people being thrown out of their homes is on the horizon. Bankruptcy stops/stalls foreclosure.

With all of this said, the clouds are lifting and the sky is becoming blue again for sales offices, debt settlement companies, attorney's, and the like who are always looking for the next new business. Unfortunately for the client's, there financial life is in ruin. The good news for those offering bankruptcy services is that it's as easy as debt settlement because the law firm does all the work after you take the application.

There are no legal recommendations being made by the Bankruptcy Affiliates; only a thorough examination of all other options.  Once the client wants to submit their application you simply take down the information and the law firm takes over from there.  A face to face meeting with a local bankruptcy attorney in their area will be scheduled by the paralegal that calls within one hour of you submitting the clients application.  Moreover, you don't need to worry about getting calls from the client any longer, as the paralegal informs them that the bankruptcy law firm is now their point of contact.  The paralegal then schedules a time for the client to come in and speak to the bankruptcy attorney.

Getting accustomed to the benefits of declaring benefits is crucial when speaking with your client's.  You'll learn that your clients are in no mood to discuss filing bankruptcy however, you need to explain to them that bankruptcy does not mean failure.  The bankruptcy laws were written for a purpose. It allows a legal option to help one emerge out of debt and put you in a position to move forward and to become prodcutive once again.

With the US Legal Services Group, you will have immediate access to our 40 state reach for both bankruptcy affiliate programs as well, debt settlement programs with our multijurisdictional bankruptcy law firm.  Your clients are given the necessary undivided attention and then the attorney will advise them on what options are available to them.  How the bankruptcy process continues from hear is none of your business because of the client attorney relationship.  This means that it's off to the next client in need of your services because you don't have to worry about waiting for paperwork to come in or a client feeling uncomfortable about their financial situation, so they don't want to discuss it with your sales agent, but will disclose their information to the attorney.  Remember, the attorney is in their area, so there is no legal advise being given over the phone and no assessments by the law firms.  The client must show up at the attorney's office.

Many independent bankruptcy law firms are now becoming Bankruptcy Affiliates because they're only licensed in the state(s) they passed the exam in. Now, bankruptcy lawyers don't have to turn down business, as they can provide bankruptcy services in 40 states.

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