The Unemployable $50 Challenge Is A New Solution To High Unemployment

High unemployment requires a new solution of earning income. The Unemployable $50 Challenge is a start to that solution. Author Claude Bailey gives 20 no-brainer steps for earning $50 even if you are unemployable and poor
By: Claude Bailey
eBook Cover Angle
eBook Cover Angle
Aug. 25, 2011 - PRLog -- Claude Bailey has created "The Unemployable $50 Challenge" 20 No-Brainer steps for earning $50 even if you are unemployable and poor. Creating income for the unemployable.

“Once you’re unemployed more than six months, you’re considered pretty much unemployable. We assume that other people have already passed you over, so we don’t want anything to do with you.” Says Cynthia Shapiro, former human resources executive and author of Corporate Confidential: 50 Secrets Your Company Doesn’t Want You to Know.

Thoughts like the quote above are the reason for The Unemployable $50 challenge. The vision for the challenge is to help unemployable people become entrepreneurs so they can provide a better life for themselves and family, even if they have no money today to start a business.

The goal of the challenge is to distribute $250,000 among 5,000 unemployable people, as well as $33,500 given to charities and churches by the end of 2011.  The best part, participants will not spend a penny of their own money to earn the $50. For the amount of time it takes to earn the $50, the hourly rate is equivalent to jobs for the unemployable that pay $12 per hour.

What is the catch?  There is no catch. The Unemployable $50 Challenge is absolutely free.  You will owe nothing but a thank you and to pass it forward.

Start the free Unemployable $50 Challenge today. Visit to download your copy of "20 No-Brainer Steps For Earning $50 Even If You Are Unemployable and Poor".

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Claude Bailey published “20 No-Brainer Steps for Earning $50 for the Unemployable and Poor” to help people during the recession. Yes, it might not be a lot, but it is something.

The recession of 2008 was an eye opener for many Americans and Claude. Long gone are the days of old, get a good education and get a job so a corporation can take care of you. Claude always felt that generational advice was flawed. It promotes hopelessness. He always states, “Follow your dreams and get the necessary education to achieve it and grow it,” which encourages dreaming and education.

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