A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

Tweens give away too much personal information such as home condition, mobile number, which may result in critical problems - susceptibility to network thefts and aggression of privacy.
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Aug. 25, 2011 - PRLog -- Your tweens might squander large amounts of time on SNS or/and virtual world sites. Parental Controls program can easily let parents to strengthen Social Networking Sites safety for kids. Anyway, do you know what your teenagers are engaging in on StumbleUpon? SNS are becoming popular. These sites are marvelous sites for tweens to talk with relatives using computers and have changed the means of communication. With parental monitoring programme, parents can make online circumstances more cleaner for kids.

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Too many times, kids include too much individual information, talk about unsuitable topics that may get them into trouble, or furthermore put themselves in danger by what they surf online. Parental Controls program is designed to involved parents to deal with challenges related to Social Networking Websites and community websites. Once you understand the operations of Parental Monitoring program, you'll be better able to facilitate your tweens to keep clean when they socialize online.

Why are SNS such fascinating? Because they let your kids to:

1. Gossip with buddies
2. Meet new buddies
3. Share news, web sites, and pictures
4. Socialize their life
5. Take part in groups
6. Play computer games with other friends

Why Social Networking Sites can be greatly insecure?

Social Networking Websites are virtual communities for people who share the same hobbies to meet with each other. Once you register as a member and create a profile, you can connect with relatives via network activities such as chat, email, photos, events and status updates.

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Alerts that indicate your kids might be at risk online.

1. Spend lots of time online, peculiarly at night
2. Deny to leave the house
3. Isolate from pals and family
4. Pornography picture found on the computer
5. Receive presents from strangers
6. Power off the computer suddenly when parent enters the room

What can parents do to protect children?

1. Consider talking with your teenagers, let them know what they can't see on the Internet, and actual risks. Create your own Social Networking Websites account and share the online experience with your kids and be their guidance.
2. Make some rules on their Internet usage, amount of time spending on the Internet. And tell them not to use real information such as picture, name and address in individual account.
3. Use Parental Control Monitoring programme to block tweens' cyber usage.
4. Periodically look up your children's online account, and scrub sensitive information. Check their friend lists and clean up suspected pals.
5. Once your kids were cyber bullied, take screenshots as evidences for future law enforcement use via parental monitoring application, and report to the FBI, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and Police Department.
6. Apply credible safety and parental control program to protect your computer against network predators, ensuring Internet security for your teens and the whole family.

Advices for teenagers http://www.any-parental-control.com/

1. Do not post true info such as name, family situation
2. Tell your parents straight away if you were bullied by Network hackers
3. Use privacy settings of SNS, think carefully before add a people as a friend
4. Do not click any unnamed hypertext links which would result in webpage phishing and etc
5. Do not gossip with any one through camera without your parents' consent

Parents shall retain themselves up-to-date on the news of Social Networking Sites by searching cyber computer sites, and tell kids about legal online activities, if your teenagers are not that cautious, they may become victims of infringement of privacy, and personal remark. And tweens must be got informed of the parental control monitoring if needed.

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