iPhone App “Wake Up Or Pay” Gets Your Brain to Wake Up!

Mobile app on iOS platform designed to wake up users with an alarm and asks general knowledge questions to keep them awake by engaging the brain.
By: Abdul Basit
WakeUpOrPay App Icon
WakeUpOrPay App Icon
Aug. 24, 2011 - PRLog -- Silver Spring, MD – Born out of the idea that being late to your job, school or an important appointment, could “negatively cost” you, Wake Up Or Pay is a mobile application developed on the iOS platform designed to provide a creative method to waking up. Wake Up Or Pay first sounds an alarm, then engages sleepy heads to combat the desire to go back to sleep and gets the brain working by asking a set of questions to be answered.

Waking up from sleep is not an event, it’s a process. This is a very important realization and the the app is based upon it. The Wake Up Or Pay app uses an alarm to initially wake people up, then keeps them awake by asking 15 general knowledge questions that bring the brain out of a sleepy trance. These questions engage the user to think about the answers, greatly increasing their ability to wake up and get the brain working. The app also holds users accountable by reminding them about detrimental costs one pays in life for not waking up on time.

“It is easy to press the snooze button on your alarm clock and go right back to sleep because they are not designed to help people repel the very powerful and overwhelming desire to stay in bed,” says Abdul Basit, Wake Up Or Pay app designer. Basit explains, “Most people have smartphones so they can now download and use this app that will effectively get them - and their brains - to wake up on time.”  He adds, “I designed this app because I believe being on time is not only a requirement but provides a competitive advantage, and that there are financial cost associated with not being on time.”

After the alarm goes off on Wake Up Or Pay, the 15 questions asked do not need to all be answered with 100% accuracy.   However the answers should reflect the user sincerely tried to answer the questions to the best of their knowledge. The questions are fairly simple to answer and should not take more than 10 minutes to get through them all.  An example of a question is, “What is the sum of 2+3+19+6?”  But the real question behind the intent of the app is how much is it worth to be punctual? The answer is that it is priceless. The value of Wake Up Or Pay is that it gives users a method of waking up that is more effective than any alarm clock capability.

Wake Up Or Pay app was created by Abdul Basit in conjunction with Apptology Inc. who developed and  published the app on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad iOS platform. The app is currently available for .99¢ in the iTunes App Store, http://itunes.com/apps/wakeuporpay.

About Wake Up Or Pay LLC
Abdul Basit, designer of Wake Up Or Pay created this app to revolutionize the way people wake up in the morning. Abdul Basit believes there are real consequences and costs to not waking up on time that can result in missed opportunities, stress, developing a bad reputation, being labeled unreliable, potential embarrassment and loss of respect from peers. The goal of Wake Up Or Pay is to make users aware of this cost and ensure they wake up successfully. For more information, please visit: http://www.wakeuporpay.com

About Apptology Inc.
Based in Folsom, CA, Apptology Inc. is a leading mobile application development, training and marketing company. Unique in their service offering is a comprehensive suite of solutions for the mobile application industry. The management team includes industry pioneers from Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies working with and developing mobile, interactive and new media technologies. The 100 + person development team have created hundreds of applications for various companies around the world on all platforms.  For more information please visit http://www.apptology.com.

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