Best Selling Book Heaven Only Knows: Death of Timeless Innocence By Gary Beers Is An Awesome Read!

A publication of Publish America by Gary Beers'---Heaven Only Knows: Death of Timeless Innocence is a worldwide "Best Seller," according to websites and reported by AmeriPublication Sales and World Stats, LTD., of the New York author, Gary Beers!
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Aug. 20, 2011 - PRLog -- Having been an original love story by Gary Beers, Heaven Only Knows: Death of Timeless Innocence---begins in 1958 in the very historic but yet culturally diverse Yonkers, New York. The literary piece is an "immaculate culmination" said of John Roman of Publishers Weekly Journal and Esquire. He elaborated and remarked having assurance with sound confidence and brilliantly portrayed the author and playwright saying "Beers is without further a dew a master of presenting love in all its glory of such evidently and beautifully written abilities of innumerable genres from original love song writing to charting those verses in of themselves with the written word that you can actually hear and visualize his lyrics in one's minds-eye... His amazing, masterly-like styles brilliantly displayed will mesmerize anyone. Gary Beers writing feats demonstrated clearly in his Heaven Only Knows, piece by piece, as seen of "The Coming" of which, God, asks 'Timeless Innocence', earthly name Elizabeth 'Beth' Mitchell, to go to the world and save millions as remarkably but incongruently different in mission of Christ, Himself, of the devastating consequences of the AIDS Epidemic, unknowingly. Jesus Christ had not known who he was or the importance of His Mission until after age 32. Beth knows not who she is or her purpose while conceived and born into sin---unlike Christ, whose conception as understood of millions of Christian’s interpretation of the Bible, as His being perfect and without sin. Though Beth is not aware of her mission asked by God, her resounding and indefatigable love brings peace, enlightenment and a love understood during life to transitive processes cleverly, structured of which colorfully is describing the phenomena of death with Beers' own discovery and then application of "Modal Logic" of which aids in bringing forth the cosmic and indescribable peace of those who have crossed over and never to return as Beers boasts with written conceptualization with realism. Beth's journey through life establishes the incredible and significant need for friendship prior attainment of physicality to that of a hallmark of greatness in the-forever-desire of "All" persons to have love on earth, but also to say such efforts go beyond life into the eternal life of love sought of human nature..." Clearly the piece educates many of the need to learn of there being no perimeters or boundaries wholeheartedly in regard to love... Heaven Only Knows by Gary Beers "not only experience promotes the profound and need to edify the endless and timeless enhancements of love within our experiences, but to learn from such for life not simply for the moments---leading without doubt the carrying on of the experience given of love to forever be within us as people of God no matter the belief or religion. The book too demonstrates a remarkable and sound advice of 'learning serendipity' to initiate a friendship within the self through discovery of those obvious and latent qualities making us as people of our existence whether Christian or not as a whole.
Gary Beers has written forty-four (44) novels, play scripts, poetry volumes, song books, and books of 'free flow poetry', literally by the author. In addition Beers is credited to have created the character of "PumpKinRoo." The New York born writer developed PumpKinRoo at age three and has developed to numerous characters all having their very own unique voices---inviting as seen the curiosity of millions of children around the world to become one in of themselves in the world of The Majestic Jewel Kingdom where created by PumpKinRoo a children's metaphor for God's love---and, too, the Kingdom a shadow away from being Heaven familiar by faith and imagination of most Christians and the like around the world. With the 2008 introduction of Beers' PumpKinRoo in EBook at LuLu.Com, though there now resulting of Beers eleven (11) children’s books based on the series making up ten books positively cherished by all children alike. Such thirty (30) other books are in EBook at LuLu.Com. Many are in paperback, KINDLE, CD, TAPE and Braille.

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