Tantra - Meditation instead of Sexuality

Practiced in modern-day Europe, Neo-Tantra is based on the philosophical foundations of Hinduism, traditional Tantra meditation, and several different semi-therapeutic approaches.
By: Werner Jakob Weiher
Aug. 19, 2011 - PRLog -- Initially, Tantra is about sensual and spiritual recognition of ultimate reality in the physical world. Man is an energetic manifest of this divine principle. Important elements of Tantra are the Chakra and Kundalini. Body and universe are almost magically connected by means of a close, godly alliance. Tantric meditation sets out to experience this unity. Thus, sexuality plays a large role in tantric symbolism. Meditation, visualization of gods, Kundalini yoga, and rarely sexual unifications are part of Tantric practice, however the sexual aspect is in no way organized. Meditation works with mandalas, mundras, and mantras.

Western Tantric practices are often commercialized and concentrate especially on the sexual experience of unity and the spiritual component of physical sexual intercourse. The Hindu and Buddhist experience of divinity in one’s own body is therapeutically translated to meet European needs. Tantric meditation, in a healing sense, corresponds to mindful, loving contact with one’s own and the foreign body. Serious Tantric meditation, however, rarely transfers this to sexual intercourse. Instead, the cosmic gods Shiva and Shakti and their union are central to meditation. The spiritual touch to tenderness is meant to prepare couples for a deeper experience of sensuality.

More about the world of meditation in the „encyclopaedia of meditation“ on http://www.secret-meditation.com

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