Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Signs of aging can include some disturbing memory loss and the inability to perform otherwise everyday tasks. If you notice this in a loved one, ask your doctor for an evaluation.
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July 28, 2011 - PRLog -- Natural Anti Aging Secrets: Is someone in your home changing their ability to reason and remember things? Perhaps it’s you and you are concerned. There are signs of Alzheimer’s that you can spot early on and begin treatment if necessary.

An independent adult that has raised children, kept a marriage together, run the family finances, and worked throughout the process may find it absolutely disturbing when they can’t seem to remember simple things like where they live. Alzheimer’s patients have trouble running errands because they can’t seem to return home without assistance or stop mid-errand because they can’t remember why they left the house or where they were going.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are often confused, but aren’t the same thing. Dementia can be characterized as a group of skills that are compromised. Memory, reasoning skills, and thinking are three things that signal dementia, which is a result of other conditions, but not necessarily a condition of its own. Alzeimer’s is a condition of its own that shows itself in some of the same symptoms of dementia, but isn’t because of another condition.

Memory loss is one of the first signs. The ability to remember things of long ago may not be affected. Short term memory is the clue here. Someone who forgets the conversation with the spouse about picking up the grandchild from soccer practice may be experiencing dementia or Alzeimer’s if they forget the entire conversation. Forgetting details now and then are typical and not really a matter of concern. Strange behavior may be exhibited. Putting a hairbrush away in the refrigerator or the car keys in the tool box would be a typical symptom of Alzheimer’s. This is different that what we may all experience now and then when we misplace our wallet or keys.

Mood swings and emotional upset where inappropriate is a sign to watch for. Their trust level with otherwise trusted friends and family may disappear, while they become trusting of strangers and those who might harm or scam them. They may become disoriented in familiar places or forget how to shave or make the oatmeal they’ve been making every morning for years. Hygiene may leave something to be desired.

If you notice any of these symptoms in yourself or a loved one, make an appointment and visit your doctor. He or she will try to help you in determining whether what you have noticed is normal for the aging individual, or whether it is progressing Alzheimer’s or dementia.

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