Mental Health News: Public Urged To Get Personal Growth and Skills

The College of Mental Health Counseling at urges the general public to get knowledge and skills to understand and heal childhood experiences affecting adult life and relationships.
Personal Growth and Counseling Skills
Personal Growth and Counseling Skills
July 22, 2011 - PRLog -- The increasing rate of depression, anxiety, divorce, addiction, and other mental and physical distress, is in many cases the result of unresolved conflict and loss of parental caring experienced during childhood years.
The affect on the general society is unemployment, low productivity, and rising costs due to the need for mental health and medical treatment.

This report is based on the text “Effective Counseling Skills” by Daniel Keeran, MSW, available in digital and hard copy at

The symptoms of painful childhood experiences affecting adult life, appear in behaviors that repeat the early conflicts and losses.

A major challenge is helping the general public gain a conscious awareness of how their childhood struggle is being repeated in adult life and relationships.

People tend to do to themselves and to others that which was done to them in childhood. For example, a person who was neglected or overly criticized by parents during childhood, will often become neglectful or overly critical of themselves and others in adult life.

Poor communication skills such as being overly aggressive or overly passive, are common examples of unhealthy behavior that can be helped by self-awareness of life patterns as well as listening, assertiveness, and problem-solving skills.

Learning supportive self-talk and ways to express emotions and needs in healthy ways can greatly improve relationships and relieve mental distress.

The key to personal growth and fulfillment lies in understanding and healing childhood experiences affecting adult life and relationships with self and others.

The College provides practical training in counseling skills for personal growth and for entry to the counseling profession. To register go to

See a video on Practical Counseling Skills from the College President

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We provide online professional counselor training and on-going online supervision and support for the general public seeking personal growth and entry to the counseling profession. Employment assistance is included in the training program.


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