Electronics Recycling Chicago Acme Refining Will Pay For Your Outdated, Unused Electronics

Electronics recycling Chicago is a growing market. State laws and the Green movement are giving businesses and organizations the reasons to take old electronics and computers and recycle them. Acme will pick up your equipment and pay you for it.
By: Judy Ferraro
July 22, 2011 - PRLog -- What is Electronics Recycling?

Don’t throw away that old computer, fax machine, or printer just yet.  Many people do not realize that old, unused electronics can bring in some serious cash!  Acme’s E-cycle http://www.acmescrapglobal.com/electronics program will gladly take in any old electronics you may have laying around collecting dust.  With thousands of tons of electronics ending up in landfills every year, Acme offers an alternative, sustainable, responsible disposal solution.

As much as 99% of all materials from electronics can be reused in a different capacity.  Here at Acme, we provide our customers with a safe and secure way of recycling old electronics.  Our E-rase service will wipe the hard drives and any other technology that contains highly sensitive data after receiving it.  We meticulously cleanse your hard drive of data under the Department of Defense’s standards at a video monitored, secure facility.  Our goal to our customers is to provide peace of mind with “green” results.  Once the data is removed from your item, Acme will provide you with a Certificate of Data Destruction which guarantees that all of your sensitive and private information has been erased.  

Acme E-Cycling Will Take Many Different Kinds of Electronics

Not only do we recycle computers, fax machines, and printers, but we also recycle:

   * VCRs/DVDs/Video Game Consoles
   * Switches
   * Cable Boxes & Modems
   * Tapes, Disks, Drives
   * Electronic Medical Equipment
   * Laptops, Servers, and Monitors
   * Data Storage Devices
   * PBX/Telephones/Cell Phones/Wireless Devices
   * Copy Machines

Acme’s eco-friendly, comprehensive E-cycling process http://www.acmescrapglobal.com/electronics/e-cycle evaluates your equipment, dismantles and separates it, and then recycles the materials based upon environmental and regulatory guidelines, ultimately keeping it out of landfills and creating a positive impact on our environment.

As you know, electronics seem to age overnight, becoming obsolete before you know it.  Why store your old office equipment in a closet or spend money storing equipment you will never use again?  Call Acme at 773-523-4500 or visit them online and get paid for your old unused electronic items.

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Acme Refining was started over 35 years ago and has grown into the largest privately owned recycling company in the Midwest serving businesses in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Iowa. With a network of seven locations, 200 trucks and over 400 employees, Acme has the opportunity to give a better, cleaner and the financially beneficial return on recyclable products. With corporate headquarters based in Chicago, Acme has grown into five complimentary business units, Acme Refining Scrap Iron & Metal, Acme Cut to Length Scrap Processing, Acme Certified Business Recycling, Acme Erase & Ecycle and Acme Document Destruction. The business units have grown into viable recycling solutions for the manufacturing, healthcare, legal, and financial industries to name a few. Acme can help your business with all recycling needs including scrap metal services, electronic and medical equipment, document shredding, cardboard, paper, wood, plastics.and cell phone recycling.
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