How our children’s wisdom can change the world. 11:11 is the time to wake up!

An inspiring message shared by two gorgeous little girls.. What can we learn from our children that will help us all collectively evolve and grow into our highest potential as a loving human race. A profound and simple step transforming our world.
Sarah and Hailey
Sarah and Hailey
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July 21, 2011 - PRLog -- It was the night of a beautiful full moon in Scorpion, a gathering of local community had been brought together for a Star of Ishtar full moon circle. Usually I would attend these circles alone, however on this occasion my two daughters insisted they would like to join me.  I explained to them the meaning of the circle, in that we gather together to join our minds, hearts and souls to send our blessings to the earth and all the people of the world.  I told them that if they were to come with me that they would be part of the circle, that it was like a game and they would have to join in.  They both eagerly agreed looking forward to what magic may come.

So we gathered and the opening ceremony set the energy, and one by one we went around the circle, sharing our thoughts and insights.  It was at this time the USA was contemplating Invading Libya and the world was poised for another potential unwarranted, useless Geopolitical war over power and resources.  A number of people gathered brought this issue forward, asking for love, light and guidance be given to those making these decisions that affect so many innocent lives.

Eventually it was my daughter Sarah’s time to share her thoughts and feelings.  In a very soft voice she spoke to the circle of adults.  She told us that her greatest lesson now, was to learn to care.  To care for her friends, her family, and anyone else who she finds is sad or hurt.  She told us we should care for each other, that it was an important time now, and important that we do this, and that we should also care for the earth and all the animals because they have feelings too and need to be cared for.. We sat.. stunned..  You could hear a pin drop.  The simplicity of a child’s wisdom brought tears to the eyes of some and just made my heart burst with infinite love for these little girls I am blessed to share my life with. You could feel the energy of the whole circle shift to a whole new level of compassion. Magic was happening..

We broke off into pairs to continue the ceremony of the circle.  During this time we were to give each other a blessing, I was paired with Sarah and she followed the instruction for the blessing by anointing my feet and head with the essential oils provided and then blessed me with her own words..  “Daddy, you need to believe in yourself and what you are doing. When everyone believes in themselves, then they will be brave enough to do what they are here to do.  Sometimes I get scared, and its ok to get scared, but I just say, ‘I can do it.  I believe in myself’, and then I just go and do it. What you are doing is important, so you must believe in yourself.” You have no idea how this hit me.  The past couple of months I had been going through such a hard time.  Myself belief was at its lowest, and in that moment, she turned it all around.  I believed her totally, she was so right.. I was scared, but that's ok. But I had to start believing in myself again.

It was at this time my younger daughter Hailey shared her insights.  A little younger and more reserved, she spoke softly to me and Sarah.  “I think if everyone remembered to love each other every day, we wouldn't have wars any more. People should remember to love each other and believe in themselves every day..”

Wow, I thought.  So true.. So obviously true..  I sat with this for some time.

A couple months had since past, and once again I found myself at last week’s Full Moon In Capricorn circle. Reflecting on what my daughters had shared with me in the previous months past.  They were staying with their mother at this time, so I was there by myself, surrounded by loving community and some of my close friends and their children.
Once again we talked about the earth changes and other things going on in the world.  My friends son came and sat beside me, and it got me thinking about my own children.  How can we make a real change for our children?  This is their home too.. What legacy are we creating for them?   I recalled what my daughters had shared with me, and I thought.  If only people could remember to love each other and themselves.  To believe in themselves, and feel strong and free enough to love without fear.  

Then I had a thought.  “I know..  I’ll just set an alarm in my phone, every day.  When I hear the alarm (Harp Strum) I will remember to love myself, love others and believe in who I am.. No matter where I am or what I am doing, it would only need a moment of thought..” Hmm.. What time? What time shall I choose.  Then I remembered one of my closest friends Heath, he does something similar, he set his alarm time to 11:11.  So I thought, well Ill use that too.  11:11 has a great significance to me, and to many people.  And at this time I know my dear friend is also focussing his thoughts on love and compassion, so I will do the same.  Strength in numbers right?  So I have been doing this.. And I have noticed some wonderful things starting to happen within myself.  And it wasn’t long, till that wonderful mirror of a world began reflecting those wonderful thoughts and feelings right back to me.  Things have started changing rapidly in my life and the world around me.

I woke up this morning, before day break.  I have been trying to figure out what to buy my daughter for her birthday, she turns 9 tomorrow 22nd July.  So I was inspired to share this story and share this wisdom with the world, but then a divine spark, a thought and insight came to me.  What if we could share this idea with everyone?  What if we could all set our collective WAKE UP CALL to 11:11am every day?  With the power of today’s social media, and the high volume of traffic I get through my website, I thought why not?  How many people can we get to sign up for this?  How do we change the world? We change ourselves!  One person at a time.  And we share this with everyone! Please help me share this with the world, and make Sarah and Haileys dream come true. Share this with your friends, email lists, even make a you tube video.  Whatever you feel inspired to do with this message and link back to for this full story. Let’s change the world together.

11-11 is a master frequency number.  It is the absolute symbol of the divine.  Oneness.  All parts of the whole, individual, unique, different in purpose make and design, thought, feeling and nature operating in perfect harmony as one.  Just like the human body, just like the earth, just like the multiverse. This is the divine nature of God and Goddess in perfect union. And this year, we have the 11-11-11 master code date, unifying our mind, body and spirit in which ceremonies and special events will be going on all over the world.  Both and www.StarofIshtar .com will be combining our networks to facilitate an 8 day retreat in the Earth Heart HAWAII Islands to celebrate, engage and welcome in this new divine union master code to the planet.  You are welcome to join us. See Or you may find a local event happening in your area! And remember to set your daily 11:11 WAKE UP CALL..

So when your sitting with friends.. having a chai tea at the cafe, and your 11:11 WAKE UP CALL alarm rings a pleasant tune.  Just pause for a moment.  Look at your friends and smile with your mind, heart and soul.  Remember to love your self, to care for others and believe in who you are.  And if your friends ask you.. “What was that about?” Tell them you were just remembering to love them and invite them to join the circle! 11:11 WAKE UP.  The time is now..

Much love!!
Shine on..
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