Siso Tablo Tablet pen re-emerged on the market,dead or alive?

Top questions you need to know when purchasing Siso Tablo Stylus Tablet pen
By: isabella
July 15, 2011 - PRLog -- The Hantech Siso Tablo, consists of a pen and a Wii-like sensor that sits atop your laptop screen, which detects the location of the pen and lets you do everything from drawing and handwriting recognition to controlling the cursor. The review from Engadget 3years ago. Now Siso Tablo Tablet pen returned to the market.

Siso Tablo pen mouse allows you to maximize its convenience while using following software:

Microsoft Windows Live messenger
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Journal Note
Microsoft Sticky Note
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe PDF Reader and many more programs where mouse is normally used.
Check this flash which shows the function of tablet pen so vividly:

Some questions for tablet pen I collect by searching online:

*My friend tried it on his 22″ LCD monitor and it works nicely according to him. Maybe not as precise when using it on a bigger size but is good enough for what he does.

*Actually, I want to know if it’s really that safe to use a stylus on an existing monitor for an extended period of time. Typically, your modern LCD screen is going to be very fragile. Is anyone worried that they’re going to press down too hard and break the glass substrate?

*Whatever paint program you happen to like, it can function like a real airbrush – you can hold the Tablo pen 3 or 4 inches above the surface of the monitor (as mentioned in the site review), and use the forward mouse button like an airbrush spray trigger. Still no pressure sensitivity, but by changing the opacity and levels of the spray effect, you get a fairly convincing airbrush feel, and it looks cool when you are doing it too. A buddy of mine who has a Cintiq says he has to buy a separate pen for that.

*I would get one if there were pressure sensitive feature. I’m a tablet PC user for my art stuff and the problem with tablet PCs are their weak GPUs. I need GPU for my 3D stuff.

*The stylus does create some very faint scratches to the screen. Only slightly visible when the screen is off. For those using a new laptop, I would recommend a screen protector.

*The MacBook screen has a protective glass, too bad this device is not OS X compatible

*I use a Tablo to teach in my everyday classes (was cheaper than investing in a tablet PC) and can say that I’m impressed so far. No scratches on the screen (after some considerable use), and it’s mostly accurate. It is a bit awkward writing on the screen – but for quick short blurbs of text, images, animations, etc – it works great!

*After one month I wore out two pen tips. I was a little distressed by this because the tips would run out relatively quickly and I had no replacement source. Then I noticed that the clear tube on a can of duster was about the same diameter as the pen tips. I checked it out and sure enough the tube fit into the Tablo very nicely.

*The cool thing about the Tablo mouse button setup is that if you are using the airbrush tool in

*it’s a shame there’s no way to swivel my laptop’s screen around- it can lie flat, though, so that’s something, just have to find somewhere to put the keyboard.

The latest price on the market is $75.99  from Pandawill.
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