Producer-Director Lovelace Lee III Asks "Will the Next Jerry Bruckheimer Please Stand Up?"

Action-adventure screenplay PRESIDENTIAL DILEMMA is ready for a producer who wants a hit.
July 14, 2011 - PRLog -- HOLLYWOOD--Producer-director Lovelace Lee III is on the hunt. “I’m not so much looking for money,” Lee said. “What I’m really looking for is a producer who wants to be the next Jerry Bruckheimer.” According to Lee it was the legendary film producer who inspired him to make films. Friends have called Lee crazy, but he laughs. “I’ve been called worse.” And he remains unmoved by the people who tell him all too often, “It’s not done that way, Lovelace.” Lee knows something. And what he knows is that everything changes. “Maybe the whole reason I’m in filmmaking is to help bring about a change,” he said. “Regardless, everything changes, even filmmaking.”

 For Lee there’s nothing crazy about having a dream. “It’s only crazy not to go after the dream,” he said. “I may not be able to attract the great Jerry Bruckheimer with my action-adventure screenplay PRESIDENTIAL DILEMMA. So, I’ll be happy with a producer who sets his or her sights on being the next Jerry Bruckheimer.” Lee’s PRESIDENTIAL DILEMMA is a story about a U.S. President set-up for assassination and the unlikely hero who steps forth. It’s filled with political intrigue and action.

 “We probably won’t get $20 million to make this film,” Lee said. “We’ll do it for much less and make a great action film. There is a producer out there who’s looking to create a new, action-adventure franchise,” Lee said. “My job is to find that producer and present PRESIDENTIAL DILEMMA as an opportunity for growth.”

 Lee is himself a new talent and understands that the onus is on him to create opportunities for others. He and business partner actor-writer Kevin Norwood started by writing and have written several powerful screenplays together. Now, their focus is film production. “The movie-going public certainly demands star power, but there’s also room for new talent.” Lee is proud to have discovered London-based actor Allan Sealy for the lead role of Colonel Leonard Dobbs Sr. “I take pride in discovering new talent and Allan is quite a find,” Lee said. “I’ve never seen any one man work so hard. Allan truly deserves this role.”

 Last month Lee took a cast and crew of 13 from Los Angeles to Perris, California to shoot a teaser trailer for PRESIDENTIAL DILEMMA. After traveling 80 miles, they worked for six hours in the hot, Riverside County sun. “I was so proud of my cast and crew. They performed like seasoned professionals and did everything I asked of them and more,” he said. Along with Sealy, Lee also had the pleasure of directing Timothy J. Moriarty, Catherine Mabalcon and Germaine Fisher. The teaser trailer is now being edited. “I’m confident that we’ll be able to present the potential of PRESIDENTIAL DILEMMA well,” Lee said.

 Lovelace Lee III is the first-ever winner of the Dr. Clarence Muse Award for Civic Excellence for his 2010 documentary SARAELLA URSERY: PILLAR OF BETHEL AME CHURCH, PERRIS.

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