Horrible Boss? Award-winning Book Offers Tips

With the release of the new Warner Brother’s movie, Horrible Bosses, the spotlight returns to the plight of many employees struggling to deal effectively with difficult, demanding, and even “psycho” bosses.
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July 8, 2011 - PRLog -- The movie, Horrible Bosses, is a new comedy showcasing the lengths at which a group of disgruntled and frustrated employees are willing to go to deal with their bad bosses. Short of the extreme actions suggested in the movie to “eliminate” one’s boss, in the real world, changing the relationship with an abrasive boss takes a measured communication approach.

Tony Deblauwe’s award-winning and best-selling book on dealing with bad bosses called Tangling with Tyrants: Managing the Balance of Power at Work has already helped thousands of people learn how to master the art of tangling with a tyrannical boss--and still manage to live happily ever after. The book offers techniques employees can use to create successful outcomes when dealing with difficult bosses. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and at http://www.tanglingwithtyrants.com.

Tangling with Tyrants: Managing the Balance of Power at Work is a field-tested guide by Tony Deblauwe, an industry expert with nearly 15 years of working in the human resources and organizational development field. It tackles one of the toughest issues that employees encounter in the workplace: bad bosses. The book takes a fresh approach by characterizing tyrant managers based on their actions, and is designed to help solve common problems such as micromanagers or supervisors who are tuned out or inattentive to their employees' needs. Each chapter includes a thought-provoking exercise at the end, which makes the material more relevant and interactive to readers.

The book offers valuable guidance on:
•   Addressing direct and indirect bad boss behaviors
•   Developing the right approach to deal with a bad boss
• qflbg   Achieving mutually-beneficial outcomes at work

Deblauwe's goal in writing the book is to change readers' behavior so they can develop a strategy that removes the emotional focus and emphasizes a communication process. "If people view the process of handling a bad boss like any other business process, then it's easier to get lasting results," Deblauwe said.
Deblauwe's book comes at a time when high unemployment and economic uncertainty make employees hesitant to confront bad bosses. "My book offers a straightforward solution based on practical experience," Deblauwe said.

About the Author
Tony Deblauwe has practical, in-the-trenches experience in human resources and organizational development. He has a Master's degree from the University of San Francisco and is a certified coach. He has been quoted in several online publications including CareerBuilder, TheLadders, Monster.com, CBS MoneyWatch and MSN.  

For a free download of the first chapter of Tangling with Tyrants: Managing the Balance of Power at Work, visit http://www.tanglingwithtyrants.com. To learn more about Deblauwe's career coaching services and how to deal with a bad boss, call 800-601-6930.

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