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When you begin to play golf, you should be equipped with good golf clubs. Hence you have to know each spec of golf clubs. And then select the correct specs for yourself.
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July 3, 2011 - PRLog -- For a golfer, the golf clubs' importance is self-evident. Many people spend much to purchase golf clubs, in order to play well. Of course, expensive golf clubs are not 100% the right ones for you. Choosing the right golf club is really the foundation of goof performance. The skills level, swing techniques, and physical conditions changes are likely to make the original clubs no longer fit you anymore.
  Why we should use the right golf clubs? Perhaps the question cannot be accurately answered  by many people. Too long or too short club is not conducive to posture adjustment, which will eventually lead to swing mistakes. Shaft flex and the maximum curvature (kick point, the ball or hand bending the shaft bending critical point, more than that is broken), and the lie angle have direct impact on the distance and direction of your golf clubs. If these factors vary, there is something wrong. Even if you can swing perfect, it still cannot hit the ball accurately to the target. Even those trial details such as grip size will affect ball flight and shot consistency. If the Grip is too small, you use both hands too much in the process of shot, making you cannot handle your right hand and wrist well in the release of the action.
If you are not a beginner, it is necessary to be equipped with a set of golf clubs, which will help raise the level of skills. You’d better to consult a professional coach, or ask an experienced friend. Callaway X22 Irons is a good choice(Sale at The following major factors must be considered: Shaft length, lie angle, shaft type, head type (forged, casting), grip size, your own skill level.
When purchasing golf clubs, you should consider not only your height, weight, arm strength and other factors. The most important is to consider your current shot skill.
  Firstly, examine your hitting point. If you often shot on the for-end of head face, you should choose a longer shaft to make it easier to click the ball sweet. If you often shot on the toe, try shorter shaft. It is not to say that tall golf players must choose long shaft clubs and short golf players must use short golf clubs. Your height is not the unique factors you have to consider.
  Secondly, choose right lie angle. If you often hit on the for-end of head, you can choose a smaller lie angle, which is more perpendicular to the golf club. If you often shot on the toe, you can buy clubs with larger lie angle, which brings straighter rod.
  Thirdly, shaft material is also very important. You should consider what you need first, to increase the distance or to improve accuracy? Or it is for physical reasons you need to change the golf clubs? Now, advanced technology has made little difference between steel shaft and graphite shaft, but they still have their own advantages:
  Steel shafts’ advantages:
  - Easy to grasp the direction of ball
  - Relatively cheap
  - More rigid, not easy to bend
  Graphite shafts’ advantages:
  - Greater flexibility
  - Texture, lighter graphite material makes it easier to grasp the club head speed
  - Graphite material to reduce vibration caused by stroke, reduce the damage to golfers’ arms and shoulders
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