Kunal Bhardwaj, author of best seller Romance title "Love was never Mine" talks about his aspiration

In an informal chat with Dheeraj kumar, Kunal Bhardwaj, the author of Best Seller Romance title of the year "Love Was Never Mine", shares with Book Link his inspiration, and future writing plans
June 29, 2011 - PRLog -- ‘Writing a novel is like sailing in a stormy night’

Who is the inspiration behind this book?

The inspiration behind this book is certainly my self-belief to communicate something to
the masses, which at times a lot of people want to convey but cannot in the absence of
a medium or platform. I just want to be their medium through this story. At times with no
courage to express our love directly, we do make small gestures in a hope that it might
reflect our feelings to the other person. But sadly, not every time such small gestures are
noticeable. In fact, at times it becomes painful to see the gestures being ignored or
not valued. I have tried to put down all such incidents and feelings through a story which
should be able to connect with the masses.

Although a fictional piece of work, does it have any semblance to your own life?

I have tried to derive the story partly from close observation of people and surroundings. However, a piece of it obviously resembles not my own life, but each one of us.

How long did it take you to write this book?

Writing a novel is something like sailing in a boat in a stormy night with no clue about the destiny. At times, you finish writing 10-20 pages and the next day the entire pages are
lying in the dustbin. It took me some three years to complete this book. I was able to
write some 10-15 per cent of the story in the last two years. But in the last eight or nine
months, I managed to complete the rest of the story with a lot of justice to it.

How did you juggle between work and writing?

To be honest, there is no juggle at all. Yes, I have to devote an extra 2-3 hours once I go back home. But again, sometime you manage to write 30 pages in a day; while sometimes it takes 30 days to complete just one page.

Do you plan to continue writing?

Yes. In fact, I am half way through my next novel.

What's next in the pipeline?

Currently, I am working on a story which gives a new angle to the plight of a common
man. I am unable to disclose more details about it at this point of time. The story has
various twists and turns in the voyage of the protagonist, with emotions such as innocence, helplessness, revenge, friendship, love, hatred etc.

Do you plan to continue writing in the fictional genre?

Yes. I have a few plots figured out for future in the fictional genre. I intend to work towards completing them in due course of time. How much time, can’t tell.

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A novel depicting the finer nuances of love in an intense manner.

Dedicated to the purest thing in the world called "Love"

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