Indie Actor Ups His Geek Game

Actor Gregory Blair exposes his inner geek in "The Immoral Dr. Dicqer"
Gregory Blair as himself...and the Baron
Gregory Blair as himself...and the Baron
June 27, 2011 - PRLog -- Award winning character actor Gregory Blair is no stranger to strange roles.  He’s played a postal worker who goes postal, a hapless homeless fall guy and the deranged proctor of a suspicious psychology experiment to name a few.  In fact, quirky characters have become Blair’s hallmark.  But lately, he’s been flirting with the sci-fi & fantasy genres—a development that has the actor happy as a hobbit in his hole.

“I’ve been into sci-fi, fantasy and horror in different ways forever,” Blair confesses.  “And it just keeps growing with all the cool shows that keep popping up.”  A fan of all things Stargate, Star Trek, and Doctor Who, Blair has been eager to get involved in a sci-fi/fantasy project.  “I love how bold they’re getting.  Shows like Torchwood,  Farscape, Firefly and Eureka have broken and continue to break new ground.  I mean, the shows aren’t just for hardcore geeks anymore; they’re for everyone.”

So Blair auditioned for a new sci-fi/fantasy web series called "The Immoral Dr. Dicqer"—a bizarre offering from the folks at Longshadow Productions.  In Dicqer—a twisted tale of one possible future in a parallel universe—Blair plays Chauncey Esunertus, the Baron of Ten Hells Island: a vengeful, maniacal rabbit-eared sorcerer who aims to wreak havoc on the title character.  With Blair’s conniving spell-maker in the game, portals to hell, ninja nurses and demonic Valkurie are just your everyday, average event.

“We got the first season’s episodes done and the scripts for the next season are even more outlandish,” Blair beams.  And the fun doesn’t stop there.  Longshadow helmers Lindsey Schmitz and Nakai Nelson were so thrilled with Blair’s work, they offered him the lead in one of their next projects.  “I’m playing a modern-day mad scientist who creates a clone of myself,” says Blair.  “So it’s a bit more hard core sci-fi, but it’s still hilarious.  And I get to explore a little more of my inner geek.”  Blair may also geek out in Longshadow's new animated series "Realms Battle Authority".

No matter what happens, Blair promises to expose as much of his inner geek as people will allow.  In the meantime, he’ll be exposing his inner dork in the soon-to-be-released comedy Camp Virginovich.  Be sure to check it out.

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