Eco Vision Awarded Patent for Home Compostable Eco Jar Package

U.S. Patent Office grants patent to Eco Vision for the Eco Jar fully home compostable paper-based package. The company is actively seeking licensees worldwide. The Eco Jar has already received a major industry packaging award.
By: Eco Vision Packaging, Inc.
June 21, 2011 - PRLog -- Crescent City, CA June 21, 2011: Eco Vision announced today that the
company’s founders have assigned their patent for the home compostable Eco Jar package to the company. Issued by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office as utility patent #7,954,640 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, the patent encompasses the embodiment known as the “Eco Jar”. Eco Vision Packaging, Inc. sells the jar, which is used by Organic Essence and other consumer goods brands. (See Eco Jar product image)

The Eco Jar, like Eco Vision’s earlier Eco Tube patent, meets the rising tide of the ‘ethical consumerism’ trend and provides an ideal, eco-friendly packaging solution. Crucial for brand owners, consumers identify the package as recognizably compostable immediately. The package literally establishes a gold standard for such packaging, a measure for all other packages in the category.

Ellery West, one of the inventors and President of Eco Vision, said, “This package differs from all the paper canister packages developed over the past hundred years. The Eco Jar, literally a jar within a jar, provides superior product protection. It maintains package integrity even in cases of rough handling, particularly for products subject to leakage. By integrating compostable barrier films and coatings, the Eco Jar meets the packaging requirements for foods, cosmetics, personal care, and many industrial products.”

The package has only one current downside; high production costs due to low volumes and antiquated production methods. To overcome this barrier to widespread adoption, the inventors have developed a new technology that vastly simplifies production. This new invention reduces costs for all types of paper canisters manufactured completely with paper. Once adopted, the entire consumer goods packaging industry can provide affordable and compostable fiber-based solutions.

Until now, paper-based canister packages have met resistance from brand marketers because of inadequate or ineffective means of resealing the lid. This has proven particularly challenging for products that require multiple open and close cycles. According to West, “Eco Vision has solved this problem by designing multiple solutions that allow paper canisters to be opened and closed, as many as five thousand times or more. Referred to as the Eco Vitamin Bottle, the package still retains moisture, oxygen, and aroma barrier properties. Brand marketers can select and configure these solutions for many different formulations including color cosmetics, foods, and of course, vitamins and supplements.”

Prior to the issuance of the enforceable patent, Eco Vision contracted with a high-quality packaging manufacturer to produce the Eco Jar. This has allowed the package to establish initial market demand and resulted in several industry awards and widespread recognition. The company seeks long-term partners to manufacture the Eco Jar for the North American market and licensees in overseas markets.

For more information, visit the company’s website at: or
contact Lee Stein, VP Marketing & Sales by email at: or
by phone at: +1-707-843-5088.

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Eco Vision innovates and develops patented, renewable, biodegradable,
home compostable and sustainable fiber-based product container solutions. West and his wife Gail currently have either applied for or been granted over 20 eco-friendly product patents. These include other paper-based jars and bottles; bottles and sealing solutions; novel pump dispenser and paper-based closures; and produce baskets. The company plans to launch manufacturing operations to produce biodegradable, compostable packaging for a variety of U.S. product marketers by the fourth quarter of 2011. The company welcomes international licensing inquiries from responsible manufacturers.

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