Thai-Pepper commits to the 3 P's

Recently nominated as one of ten sustainable manufacturers to watch,Thai-Pepper is founded on the pricipals of green manufacturing, Thai-Pepper is concerned with the triple bottom line: The planet, its people, and its profit.
By: Andre Park
June 21, 2011 - PRLog -- Thai-Pepper manufactures teak cutting boards, teak chopping boards and teak chopping blocks from reclaimed and recycled teak. We are the first green kitchenware cmanufacturer in Thailand. Our reclaimed teak cutting boards are stylish, yet unique and modern.
Situated in Northern Thailand, Thai-Pepper's approach to the environment, the community and people working for us, as well as its impact on the bottom line makes us unique and separates us from other manufacturers. Our success is not only measured by how much money we make, but what we give back to the community we serve, the planet we live on and our environment.
Our teak cutting boards, teak chopping boards and teak chopping blocks are made from reclaimed and recycled teak. Old houses, bridges and other disused structures are dismantled, the wood carefuly sorte and graded by our expert craftsmen. These structures are at least half a cuntury old. Take into consideration that the wood was cut from teak trees which were even older than that and you will calculate that the wood in our teak cutting boards are at least a hundred years old.
Floorplanks and wall-cladding are used to make long-grain cutting boards, the off-cuts are used to make end-grain chopping boards or butcher's blocks. Smaller pieces are used for trivets and bread boards and fine off-cuts are used to fire our kilns where we turn clay into usefull pottery.
Saw-dust is a nightmare for every wood manufacturer. Sawdust is compressed into fuel bricks to provide fuel for cooking and heating. Nothing goes to waste and nothing is wasted.
Manufacturing wooden fuel briquettes requires a lot of water. Water is a scarce commodity during the dry season in Thailand. Rainwater from the roof of our factory is collected and used in the compressing of the sawdust bricks. Waste water from the manufacturing process is colected and recycled into the manufacturing process. Wood is recycled, water is recycled and our briquette presses use no electricity. Only manuel labour. This ensures that there is no downtime with electricity blackouts and it can be used by families in rural settings.
Based in Maesod, Tak our niche is the manufacturing of green kitchenwarre. We only natural productss in our products, and we recycle all the packaging. Our teak cutting boards are hand-sanded to a satin finish and coated with a foodsafe foodgrade cutting board oil. Beeswax completes the pricture. Our packing glue is made by only using milk and vinegar. Packaging is made from off-cut wood and recycled products.
Living and working in a rural town helped us to go green. Many modern products can not be found here. We learned to improvise and modernise or do without it. Example, lazer-engraving and chrome-plating is unavailable. Solution: we use natural finish with stainless steel.
As an engineer and manufacturer, I love to experiment. I spent weeks trying to figure out how to turn saw dust into briquettes, how to smoke bacon with teak dust, how to get a consistent finish on end-grain boards using only oil and beeswax, or how to change the color of teak without staining the wood.
All this is paying off as Thai-Pepper is the first and only manufacturer of green kitchenware and recleimed teak cutting boards in Thailand!
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Thai-Pepper is a manufacturer and exporter of teakwood cutting boards and other kitchenware. We design, develop and manufacture products according to customer specifications.

We are committed to sustainable manufacturing and fair labour practises.

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