2010 World’s Top 10 Best-dressed Beauties

Recently, American magazine People has released its rank of 2010 Best-dressed Hollywood actresses. Now, let’s draw inspiration from the celebrity dresses.
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June 18, 2011 - PRLog -- Recently, American magazine People has released its rank of 2010 Best-dressed Hollywood actresses. Now, let’s draw inspiration from the celebrity dresses.

Jennifer Aniton
No one can look polished on the red carpet effortlessly like she can. Her taste is a classic.

Whether on the red carpet, on the stage or in the street snap, she is a vane leading the fashion and always walking at the forefront of the trend. From her wild hairstyles to calculating matching, she has no equal.

Jeica Alba
Her secret of beauty is sweet babyface as well as highly skilled mix and match. No matter what style, born beauty Jeica can demonstrate them fantastic: sometimes graceful and dignified; while sometimes stylish and smart.

Lea Michele
As a principal of Glee, Michele should of course possess strong momentum of Broadway stars. Although Michele has a young age and less experience, her recent performances on the red carpet are satisfactory, and her choices of designer evening dresses are awesome.

Zoe Saldana
Warm response of Avatar brought out the leads. Zoe is one of the beneficiaries. Every time her dressing on the red carpet is fabulous, creating a misconception that she moves costume for shows to the red carpet vividly. We can conclude that her skills are so profound from her perfect demonstrating.

Gwen Stefani
Flaming lips and rock & roll style are her sign looks, and you wouldn’t have thought that she’s a mother of 2 children. Insisting on leading the fashion trend when she goes out, the celebrity mom is also thorough in her 2 sons’ dressing. Walking on the street, handsome sons and cool mom are sure to draw admiring eyes.

Kate Middleton
Undoubtedly, Kate’s waiting to marry into the royal family is an event attracted worldwide attention. While people all over the world are waiting with Kate for Prince William’s momentous decision, Kate is enjoying the fun of custom made and luxurious life… In a sense, taste can be accumulated by money.

Rachel Bilon
Rachel is almost one of the actresses who have the highest frequency street snapshot. The reason for that is not only her fame, but also her own inimitable ways to fashion. Denim is her best weapon to demonstrate fashion.

Olivia Palermo
Possessing beauty, youth and wealth, she is a new star having edged herself into the best society in Newyork. Good figure and taste make her the fashion’s favorite.

Diane Kruger
Forget “comfortable”! Diane is the unruly one on the carpet. She tried boldly various styles which seem out of tone, which is as if she sends a challenge to all: I’m a model, I have figure, and I just dislike keeping on the rails.
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