How to distinguish between the number of cells for Laptop battery?

The manufacturers ofthe laptop battery has a more detailed description,we can often see the"6-cell 4400mAh", "4-cell 2200mAh" nominal value such asbatteries, over time, we believe that directly determines the capacity of 4400mAh laptop working hours.
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June 18, 2011 - PRLog -- The manufacturers ofthe laptop battery has a more detailed description, we can often see the"6-cell 4400mAh", "4-cell 2200mAh" nominal value such asbatteries, over time, we believe that directly determines the capacity of 4400mAh or 2200mAh laptop working hours.

Let's take a look at the composition of a laptopbattery. Remove intelligent controlcircuits, laptop batteries is actually a battery pack, usually 3-12 pieces ofbatteries (that is, independent of the lithium battery), with their way throughthe series and parallel combined together to form large-capacity high-voltage batterygroup. Its principles is to increasethe current in parallel, in series to increase voltage, these are junior highschool physical on the knowledge involved.

To common 2200mAh, 3.6V batteries, for example,some small series may be composed using four batteries, its voltage is 14.4V,Capacity 2200mAh.

Many 14-inch notebook, you may use 2 and 4 stringsof 8-cell hybrid mode, the voltage will still be 14.4V, capacity is doubled to4400mAh, to ensure a longer usage time.

However, the same is 2200mAh,3.6V batteries, if using 2 and 3 strings of 6-cell hybrid mode, the batterycapacity is still to 4400mAh, voltage drops to 10.8V, If you look at capacity,and its use of time should be 8 cell batteries. However, the 8-cell battery,after all, more than two batteries, they are wasting it?

It should be noted, when wetalk about computer power consumption, the nominal total power use, not simplythe current. Our power battery voltagemultiplied by current is obtained, such as the previously mentioned 8-celllithium battery, power should be 63.36Wh, 6 cores for 47.52Wh, 4 cores for31.68Wh. According to this value, theadvantages of 8-cell lithium reflected. And manufacturers nominalstandby time, is derived by the following formula: battery power (WH) / notebookstandby power consumption (W) = Standby time (h). For example 63.36Wh 8-celllithium battery with standby power consumption of 10W in the notebook, draw thestandby time is approximately 6 hours.

However, the theory theorygo, but in reality is not so simple. We all know, has any energyefficiency problem, the battery is no exception. High-voltage battery, itsefficiency is relatively low, even if the total power, as its use of time thanthe low-voltage high-current battery is short, so now some manufacturers havebegun to launch low-voltage large-capacity battery (and more parallel, less inseries), to ensure notebook stand longer, and thebattery is almost no increase in cost.
Other features (power supply):
90-watt AC adapter and powercord
Battery technology withExpressCharge TM:
Random 9-cell / 85 watt-hourbattery
Spare 6-cell / 48 WHr"Smart" Lithium Ion battery

In short, whether or Wh mAh, arenot very intuitive expression battery, and most manufacturers like to labelmAh, it will not cause too much confusion. Only in the purchase, you needto considering the above factors. Knowledge and understanding ofthe above, let's look at how laptop batteries that buy it!


Since the battery is a consumable, then afterseveral charge and discharge, life will certainly be affected. By the previous introduction, welearned that a lithium battery after full release of approximately 300-500times, the battery will be shortened, for ordinary users, a week on average usethe battery 3 times, then about 2 years time, the battery will age withthe use of time will be greatly discounted.

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