Three steps teach you to shoot lightning

Today, we take it that lightning skills. Although in most parts of China, now or in winter, storm season still too early to say. However, lightning is the need to take certain skills, here to tell you in advance
June 17, 2011 - PRLog -- Today, we take it that lightning skills. Although in most parts of China, now or in winter, storm season still too early to say. However, lightning is the need to take certain skills, here to tell you in advance, so that we have sufficient time to prepare and practice, to prevent the lightning actually came when the rude awakening when.

1. The right place

There are many network-related content shot with lightning, but the content of our article may be somewhat different. Shooting lightning most critical equipment is not your good or bad, but be sure to note before shooting himself in the environment is safe. We know that many of my friends to take stunning photographs at risk, and some even sacrificed their own lives. So, shooting lightning, we must determine whether their safety from lightning, is to ensure sufficient distance.

In general, the interior is the best place to shoot lightning, much safer than the outdoors. When the thunder and lightning approaching, the light will certainly be reduced. At this time, do not light the house high point of a candle, or even use a flashlight to operate the equipment can be face to face.

In addition to the house, in fact, the car is also a good place. Car can be a place for shelter, but also allows you to drive to find the best lightning occurred. However, please be careful in the car shooting. Many people will take the time to roll down the window excitedly to be lightning "lucky" is selected. Remember the summer of 2009 after a second lightning do? Lives of two young climbers and it was lightning took his life. But the more you are lucky, there are car to protect it.

If you are professional enough, can also be the earliest time in the storm, shooting into the lightning storm is not the temporary. Lightning than the rain, but this time seems more than safe. If you are the kind of sacrificial photographers, selected in the outdoor shot, while the rain, remember to give your equipment should have rain protection.

2 Equipment selection

You need a tripod of choice, or else can be fixed when you shoot the camera platform. After that, you need is a long exposure camera support. A lot they can do household card machine, inside the fireworks shooting mode or B mode and so the door can be qualified for our needs.

Said here about the principles of lightning shot. We all know that lightning is fleeting, and when you hear the thunder when the lightning may have with it so after a few minutes I do not know. To press the shutter while the estimated catch by lightning apparently was not very smart, very low probability of success. Here on the use of long exposure.

Press the shutter, the camera shutter open, waiting for lightning across the lens. Such as the shutter time to time 30s, in the first 10 seconds when the lightning across the lens, then the photo shoot down. , Are the essence of lightning shot.

3. Specific operating

If you're using a digital SLR, then the mode is set to M. Aperture as large a number, F12 can up. Shutter set in the 30s or so, not to mention the light in the background brightness of the first. If you have a cable release, please use this when pressing the shutter does not cause vibration of the body.

If your camera is fully automatic, no over-exposure control, then you only need to make sure the flash is closed. As before said, thunder lightning can help us estimate. When, after the last thunder, lightning will probably come immediately. (Lightning and thunder will alternately appear, but the shooting lightning purely luck thing, by thunder, lightning is to determine only an estimate of the way, may not be accurate, we are the safest way is to wait) in general, 15 second interval will imply Lightning 3 km away from us.

If after long exposure, then quickly after lightning appeared in the press, but the shutter is no way how to recover? To find a cardboard completely cover the lens, to prevent light to enter.

Specific steps: First, the background exposure, background exposure to determine the most tolerable time (such as aperture F12, shutter 30s). Exposure time lightning do not consider (like flash and so on, as long as the catch can be present). Therefore, the exposure time not too major to consider the background exposure of the most time.

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