Introducing 'LanMine' Upcoming Reggae/Dancehall Artiste

A native of one of those settlements in Kingston, Jamaica that is stigmatized with violence, hardship and class prejudice..he represents the young hopefuls in his Riverton City hometown..
June 14, 2011 - PRLog -- (Kingston - Jamaica)  Dancehall recording artist ‘LanMine’ is a native of Riverton City; one of those settlements in Kingston, Jamaica that is stigmatized with violence, hardship and class prejudice. Some of Jamaica’s most successful artists and musicians are products of such communities.  For most, music has been the best motivational source to soothe the emotional constrains felt, living through the struggles.   Upcoming  artist ‘LanMine’ is one of those individuals; he resorted to honing his skills in writing, rapping and performing during the tough times with hope of one day being able to launch his music career professionally.  

LanMine breakout single “Seven Days a Week” was released shortly after entering into a management agreement with Stashment Production.  A video for the single was released soon after on several local television and cable channels. That track however is not the only song he has recorded  for his management company, other songs include "Japanese Wine," "Red Light," Payday Music and "Say We Haffi Mek It" in the early days.  He also recorded tracks on both the Gal Ova Gun rhythm (widely known for Movado’s hit of the same title) and “Geldin Bwoy” on the Gully Stream rhythm both produced by Arms House Record.  Recently Stashment Production released its latest project the 'Full Force' rhythm featuring Beenie Man, Movado, Elephant Man, Macka Diamond, DJ Sunshine, Fambo and Twins of Twins.  This rhythm also feature the young artiste most current and popular track, Wifey Nuh Tek Back Fence click to watch This song he explained is ‘fun music’ and "specifically created with humour."  

LanMine is poised for an explosive entry into to the global Reggae/Dancehall community.  His management team believes that “Music is embedded in our artiste and we are confident that he will deliver what is expected of him, so look out! he represents the young hopefuls in Riverton City.”

Meanwhile the artiste gives kudos to Bounty Killer, Macka Diamond and DJ Sunshine for their encouragement. The 23 year old remembered his first major performances where both Macka Diamond and DJ Sunshine on separate occasion "call me up on a stage show and give me a chance to perform for thousands of people." One of these events was the Irie FM road show across Jamaica, such exposure he explained  "is priceless at this time in my career" and he is "grateful for the opportunity". So what’s next in the pipeline for this artiste? “A new release featuring Sizzla Kolanji called Strong Black Woman” said the very confident upcoming Dancehall artiste.

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