Robyn Z. “Secret Society” Music Video Blazes YouTube Charts and Earns Worldwide Honors

In it's first day, Robyn Z's groundbreaking new video, Secret Society, skyrockets to #99 worldwide for views and charts in the top 50 of 13 countries' national YouTube charts.
By: Rian M. Kinney
June 12, 2011 - PRLog -- Blazing at speeds faster than a thoroughbred racehorse, Robyn Z. is the Artist you need to place your bets on winning, now. Not only does the fiery, powerhouse-recording artist have a track record of success she is winning over fans and peers alike with her latest endeavor, "Secret Society", worldwide.

In a matter of hours of the YouTube release of her music video,  “Secret Society” and the simultaneous i-Tunes release of the “Secret Society” single, the views not only skyrocketed, the much anticipated Music Video gained national honors in multiple countries with nearly 20,000 plus views and counting.

Twitter was abuzz. Robyn Z. is already a certified celebrity on Twitter before her latest release and as her timeline flooded with tweets and retweets praising her and the Secret Society video, it is easy to see why. Robyn Z.’s “Revolutionaries” as she calls them, are making sure “Secret Society” is gaining the attention and momentum it deserves, the same energy, excitement and movement is sweeping other social media outlets.

The numbers speak for themselves. Honors received for Robyn Z’s “Secret Society” Music Video charted on YouTube on 6/10/2011 and 6/11/11 with the following countries.  

#99 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation - Worldwide

#2 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-ISRAEL
#106 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-Algeria
#13 Most Viewed Today- Film and Animation-SPAIN
#29 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-EGYPT
#71 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation- Jordan
#42 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-MOROCCO
#30 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-TUNISIA
#27 Most Viewed Today, , Film and Animation-Czech Republic
#119 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-Germany
#47- Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-CANADA
#32 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-IRELAND
#42 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-INDIA
#32 Most Viewed Today, , Film and Animation-SOUTH AFRICA
#109 Most Viewed Today, ,Film and Animation –Mexico
#88 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-France
#67 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-Netherlands
#62 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-Poland
#10 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-RUSSIA
#73 Most Viewed Today, Film and Animation-Sweden
#3 Most Viewed Today- Film and Animation-ARGENTINA
#43 Most Viewed Today- Film and Animation-SOUTH KOREA

To add mystery to intrigue, as Robyn was uploading the video, the song “Secret Society” reversed itself and played backwards, all on it’s own. Robyn states, “ I have experienced so much of the supernatural in creating this record, from power surges and outages, my computer typing by itself like a technological Ouija board, so I was not overly alarmed but when I heard the song play backwards, it was like a channeled force came in and told me to pay close attention. I listened very carefully and was shocked at what I heard. To make sure I was hearing this right, I literally made an AIFF and Mp3 as the song played in reverse.  When I relistened could not believe again what I heard.”

Years ago, music industry execs used to play records backwards looking for encrypted or subliminal messages. Robyn Z’s not divulging what she heard, she wants the public to listen for themselves. Robyn Z. and Encoded Entertainment, LLC will be running a contest, through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, users and fans can hear the song, then backwards and try to get the codes uploading video responses to Robyn Z’s YouTube channel at:

Details for the contest have yet to be released and are sure to follow through, so I guess the only question remaining is, what do you hear?

Looks like Robyn Z. is paving a whole new category. For interviews, bookings, appearances, features and more, contact her at

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