Magnetic Consulting Group Inc. Launches The New Website This Month

Magnetic Consulting Group establishes new company website for the company as they expand.
June 10, 2011 - PRLog -- Magnetic Consulting Group Inc. launches a new website this month.  The company, established in Sacramento in 2010 is growing and expects to expand to multiple locations within the next year.  Magnetic Consulting Group has created a new user friendly website so the public as well as current and potential clients can stay informed as they grow.   The new website can be found at

Magnetic Consulting Group is a sales and marketing firm that specializes in growing business clientele for national service providers.  Magnetic Consulting Group Inc. is contracted with some of the world’s largest fortune 500 corporations.  The company’s main client is one of the top telecommunications companies in the West.  Magnetic Consulting Group is in charge of handling the client's accounts through one-on-one consulting with their current and potential customers.

The new website is filled with ten pages of information geared towards current clients, potential clients, consumers, current co-workers, and future employees.  The main Home Page includes an overview of the company’s services along with a section to follow Magnetic Consulting Solutions on other social sites and blogs.  The website also allows for people to use either navigation or links to specific highlighted sections on the website for a more user friendly style.

“I am excited for the new website.   We have grown so much in the last few months and we expect to expand even more within the coming months.  It is exciting to be able to have a way to keep everyone informed as we grow,” explains Eric Dvorak, President of Magnetic Consulting Group.
The About Us tab includes short bios on the executives of the company and a subsection including a gallery of photos for the team.   There are sections highlighting the clients and services and contact information.  

One tab is specifically devoted to press releases and articles about the company while another tab emphasizes the work Magnetic Consulting has done to give back to the community.  

“Even though our company is a for profit firm, we think it is important to make an impact on the community.  We have recently started getting involved in some local and national charities,” says Dvorak.  “It is important that the company and our team know how important it is to be active within the community and I expect us to participate even more as we grow.”

Since the company expects growth this year, they have also added a Careers tab that outlines the open positions, training provided and benefits offered to employees.  Users can click on links to their favorite job sites at the bottom of the Careers page to see any available openings that might be posted.  

The FAQ tab goes through the answers to the most common questions Magnetic Consulting Group has received.  Finally, the Leadership tab offers information to co-workers and public with links and updates on the latest coaching tips on management, leadership and business.

Magnetic Consulting Group expects to expand to two new locations within the next 12 months and reps say the website and blogs will be updated to reflect any changes to the company.

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Magnetic Consulting Group is a sales and marketing firm contracted with some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 corporations.

In Sacramento, the company works with one of the top telecommunications companies in the country.

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