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There are some games that can actually stimulate your brain. One such game is solitaire. Playing solitaire can improve your memory skills and your concentration.
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June 10, 2011 - PRLog -- There are some games that can actually stimulate your brain. One such game is solitaire. Playing solitaire can improve your memory skills and your concentration. If you're older there's no better way to give your brain a tune up than playing solitaire. Keeping your brain active is important especially as you age. Here's one article that explains the benefits of playing solitaire-you can read it here at: . Gail Hartman’s new blog-site reveals the games that families play. Playing cards is only one of many games that can be stimulating as well as fun. Training our brains begins the moment we are born.. We are always learning and gaining knowledge as we grow. Did you know that our brain is a muscle that needs exercising just like our other muscles? If you stop using your muscles they get weak. Your brain is the same way, it needs to be exercised so it can stay sharp. Children in school have one up on older people, their brains stay stimulated o a regular basis. But for older people they need to make a conscious effort to keep their brains in tune. Play a game of solitaire and you are on your way to improving visual memory, improved flexibility, attention, and speed. Let's not forget that winning can be fun too. For some people, winning a card game can be just as stimulating. Read Gail Hartman’s blog article at: .

There are other solitaire games that can stimulate your brain too. Playing Chinese checkers can get your brain moving and be fun at the same time. If you don't own a deck of cards you can play solitaire online. You can play Microsoft's Spider Solitaire #1. If you don't know how to play you can always visit Gail Hartman's new blog-site and read her article on playing Solitaire. Visit her blog -site at: . Playing solitaire isn't difficult and if you have nothing else to do, it will never hurt to exercise your mind. There are many solitaire games -the hard part will be to decide on which one you'll want to play. If you have the internet you can surf the net and find many free game sites where you can play many solitaire games. Games like Bumper cards an Addiction Solitaire are enjoyed by young and old everywhere. The online version of 52 pick up is more fun than the older version some of us grew up with. If you like crossword puzzles then here’s some good news-a simple puzzle will train your brain too! After all, everyone enjoys a good word game now and then don’t they? Crosswords are not just for your grandmother, they are for anyone who enjoys taking on the challenge. Yes, solitaire games will give you brain power-and who doesn't want a stronger brain? You can visit Gail Hartman’s new blog-site to read more on how you can exercise your mind. Visit her new blog-site at: .Play a game of Solitaire today!

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