Brand New Phone Spy Software lets you Control Another Cell Phone not just Spy on It

There is a brand-new mobile phone spy software program that not only, allows you to spy on a cell phone, but also allows you to completely control another cell phone.
By: Evan Toder
June 9, 2011 - PRLog -- Now you can not only spy on a cell phone but also completely control is remotely

There are lots of cell phone spying programs out there like cellphone-mobilespy, cellphone-spousespy, cellphone-flexispy. And the technology behind these cell phone spying software programs is amazing.

The cell phone spying programs let you see almost everything that happens on somebody's cell phone.

You can see exactly when a person makes a call or it gets a call. You can see when they get or send a text message. You can even see their exact location. when you join or sign-up with any cell phone spying software program you can simply log into your members area anytime of the day or night to view this spy information.

The newest and most recent addition to cell phone spying and cell phone surveillance software is a cell phone spy called

Not only does cellphonesheriff allow you to spy on another person's cell phone but it actually allows you to completely control another person's cell phone.

The most common use of this phone spy software is for parents who want to monitor and control their kids phones. An example of how this would be used is that parents can send a simple SMS command to their kids cell phone to shut the phone off or disable it at certain times for instance when they know their son or daughter is driving or when they are kid is in class in school.

Of course the does nothing to ensure that it is a concerned parent purchasing and using their phone spying and controlling software. Anyone who has $49 for a year's membership can spy and control another person's cell phone.

How that person's cell phone can be controlled with cellphonesheriff is pretty limitless. You can block certain phone numbers from sending or receiving text messages or phone calls. You can completely disable the cell phone with simple text message commands. You can specify that certain or all of the phone's features are enabled or disabled at certain specific times.

If you want to find out a lot more about cellphonesheriff go to  This software spy and control software for cell phones is created by the same phone spy company that makes cellphone-mobilespy. It is the Retina X company. They have been creating spy software since 1997 and have an A+ rating with the BBB,

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