Civil Suit Filed in Court Declares Website Outranks Famous Internet Marketing Guru

Mike Dillard, in a sworn affidavit as a world renowned leading authority in internet marketing complained to the Travis County court that James Stein, owner of marketing tools and forum, outranked Dillard for his own keywords.
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May 29, 2011 - PRLog -- Internet Marketing Guru Mike Dillard filed a civil lawsuit (Cause No: D-1-GN-11-00609) in Travis County, Texas at the 261st judicial district court last month accusing the internet marketing forum,, of manipulating search engine results with its exclusive members-only internet marketing tools. Dillard, described himself, in a sworn affidavit to the 261st judicial district Texas court, as a world renowned leading authority in internet marketing and personal branding. Dillard further complained to the Texas court that James Stein, owner and creator of Internet marketing tools and forum, outranked Dillard for his own marketed keywords.

Dillard asserted in his lawsuit (Cause No: D-1-GN-11-00609) that the top rankings on Google which dominates were causing injury and loss of website traffic and income estimated at over 150,000 dollars to Dillards business. Dillard claims Stein has published numerous articles and third-party critical reviews of Dillard and his business. Dillard pleaded with the Texas court asking it to demand that Stein and immediately cease using his Internet marketing tools and strategy to "palm off" Dillard's success and to halt "manipulative search engine optimization techniques."

Although has no control over how and where search engines such as Google and Yahoo will index a site, Dillard has demanded the Texas court through his civil suit (Cause No: D-1-GN-11-00609) to take action against for outranking his own business. Dillard has not sued Google or any other search engine in this suit, although he alleges to the court that Stein is manipulating the search engines with his internet marketing tools. In the same respect Google has not commented on the suit.

Dillard made additional claims in this civil suit (Cause No: D-1-GN-11-00609) that "Stein has also manipulated computer software to direct existing and prospective online customers away from Dillard's business and to Stein's competing online business". Although Dillard has made additional allegations in the suit, the underlying reason behind his civil action against is that he was outranked in the search engines and suffered a loss of more than $150,000 in potential business.

Stein has commented on his own marketing forum that he merely followed internet marketing protocol by building backlinks, following Google's strict terms for inclusion in the search engines and adhered to usual and customary business tactics. He additionally stated that his internet marketing tools are what was able to outrank Dillard and his business, and that in a free market world that is what competition is about. Stein said on his marketing forum, "The ability to outrank another website and procure their customers is what competition and business is about. You do not see General Motors suing Ford because they run ads online or TV offering a better product or a better deal, do you? Competition is what internet marketing is about.” Stein further stated on his forum, “Dillard is merely upset that he lacks the ability to outrank me, and therefore is attempting to involve the courts in a frivolous lawsuit, because he lost business to a better marketer.”

The main points of interest is whether the 261st judicial district Texas court will rule in Mike Dillard's favor that building back links and syndicating content with competitors targeted keywords to take over top listings in the search engines, otherwise known as internet and article marketing, is indeed a civil crime. Another interesting point to note is the fact that the young, yet potent internet marketing website was able to outrank a world famous internet marketing guru (Mike Dillard) by targeting the gurus own keywords.

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