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Two unlikely female tech entrepreneurs, create the latest twist on social networking -called GetReal. Get Real provides an anonymous environment where users can feel comfortable to be themselves and share what's really going on in their lives.
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May 29, 2011 - PRLog -- The latest twist on social networking comes from an unassuming application and website called GetReal. Get Real provides an anonymous environment where users can feel comfortable to be themselves and share what's really going on in their lives; as well as connect to other people going through the same problems. Get Real is a website, and app on Facebook,, that is 100% anonymous, a place where you can say anything you can’t say on other social sites.

People in today's society are not connecting face to face. These days, a lot of people don't even know their next door neighbors. More and more people are spending time online and connecting with others online. Most social sites offer fun based interactions. Sharing positive things is acceptable in the social climate of Facebook and other sites.  But there is another side to life that social sites are not addressing.

There is no place on FB, and few on the internet, that are 100% anonymous where people can vent or "get things off their chest" if they have a difficulty in their life or are going through tough issues.

Life has two sides and the world only shows one side on FB. There is no real source of community support in any of our social media right now. People do not feel they can talk to other people. Let's face it, no one wants to hear about someone's issues on the newsfeed, it's just not socially acceptable. It's like being in a room full of people chatting about the weather and someone starts talking about their messy divorce. It's just not done.

Get Real is a novel solution to a universal problem. Every human suffers in their lives. Get Real offers a place where one can vent about those difficulties. The customer is anyone who uses Facebook and the internet. GET REAL can appeal to anyone who has something to say or needs advice about a problem. That’s everyone.

People have been crying out for a new way to relate to each other and Get real provides it.

Look at the rates of suicide, shootings, hate crimes, terrorism, gangs, mental health problems, drug abuse, domestic abuse and the effect the collapse of the economy has had upon us all.

Facebook, the most widely used social network, has a host of problems. No one trusts it because it is rife with privacy issues, scams and virus attacks. Many people think its BS because of all the ads and silly game invites. Others are just bored by the format, unwanted information, and unappealing news feeds. Facebook is a joke to someone with a real problem; none of us want to bother our friends with our problems!

People need Get Real. People need a way to REALLY relate to each other.  
Where do you turn when you have no one to talk to about your problems? Where can you vent about your bad day? All the other people going through what you are…that’s who.
Get real is easy, anonymous, and secure.  Get Real is the only solution to ALL the problems with ALL current social media. They are the ANONYMOUS face book, a place where you can finally get real advice and get real opinions from people. Get Real is what people need in their lives. Just ask them.
   “Get Real is just like Facebook...except you can say what you really feel! The best place to get unbiased honest advice!” ML

   “Get Real! OMG, what a great thing you came up with!” AM

   “I love this place!” NF

   “It’s interesting seeing what kind of things people post. I like being able to give my REAL opinion without someone getting offended at me.” RA

   “Thanks for creating this!” MM

   “I sent this to many of my friends and some are using it already, great job on this!  More of my friends join each day!!” BJ

   “To me, this app gives Facebook users a chance to take some of their privacy back. There's nothing wrong with transparency but sometimes discretion is as important. Get Real brings another dimension that is sorely missing from the Facebook experience.” DP

   “I agree....much healthier to vent in this way....rather than on your spouse or children or whomever!” BL

When asked why they started Get Real, especially as unlikely as they are to do so, they replied “There is nothing extra special about our qualifications as tech entrepreneurs, but we saw the need. We live in the marketplace, felt the lack, and we did something about it. We are just two ordinary women, with an extraordinary message, ‘You can finally get real, you are not alone.’”

GET REAL’s goals as it grows grows are to continually create new opportunity to help people and embrace the people who need our help. “We will serve others by bringing comfort , support and a safe place to people in need and creating lasting connections that can ease suffering and ensure prosperity in this world in all forms- social, emotional, spiritual, and financial. We are qualified to do this because we believe in ourselves and this idea, and we feel the world’s pain. We know we are creating an outlet for human suffering. We are not the likeliest of candidates for a tech start up, and our research tells us that we have less likely a chance to receive investor money because we are women. However, we have a universal and powerful idea, and we will help millions of people!”

Two regular women, with no tech training, and creators of the anonymous face book…called Get Real.

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About Get Real
Get Real was founded in Costa Rica, by two American women Angel Atencio and Nicole Foote.

Angel Atencio is founder and CEO of Asdan Corp. and has over 20 years of business leadership and entrepreneurial experience. Her first business was started right after receiving her BA in psychology. Angel started her first business at the age of 21, with no previous business experience but with a vision and an insight into understanding what people need.

Nicole M. Foote areas of expertise in several different markets include marketing, sales and management. Her experience in marketing includes radio and newspaper advertising with an emphasis in online marketing. She has also been responsible for the successful startup and management of several multimillion dollar retail stores.
Source:Nicole Foote, VP Get Real
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