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Coal demand growing rapidly in India and China. Coal demand is leading to surging prices on both domestic imported coal. As China and India record highest mining and coal usages; there is still not enough to meet each of the country’s needs.
By: Evan W. Lipstein, CEO Asia Coal Catalyst Company
May 26, 2011 - PRLog -- Coal prices have topped $130 per ton this week, the highest level in a long time. A few things have led to such high prices. For met coal it is the reduced supply from flooding in Australia. In China rail upgrades have caused coal bottlenecks and reeked havoc on distribution.

Floods in Australia and floods in Indonesia, South Africa and Colombia have cuts worldwide production.

In China drought has impacted Three Gorges Dam and other hydroelectric plants in Southern China that reduced current hydroelectric capacity.

China is in a Coal Crisis.

In May 2011 coal prices are 33% higher than a year ago with coal selling as high as $130 per ton.

China's Electricity Council has stated that China will likely face power shortages of 30 million kilowatts in summer 2011.

Big industrial provinces such as Guangdong and Zhejiang have had some power shortages.
The power shortages have a domino effect impacting aluminum, cement and iron / steel production.

Coal is used to power more than 70% of the Chinese power grid and heavy industry. China is the world's largest coaL consumer, using nearly 50% of the world's coal consumption.

China's demand for electricity has multiplied along with its rapid development. China's rising middle class have moved into cities and all were ready to plug in new refrigerators, air conditioners and other appliances in apartments.

EIA says that absolute coal consumption will nearly double as the economy continues to grow and electricity demand remains strong.

India and China are the two fastest growing countries where coal is an most abundant but challenged fuel resource.

Why is coal challenged?  Coal prices are steadily increasing. In China this week sub-bituminous coal with calorific value of 5,800 kcal/kg costs more than $130.00 per metric tonne. Coal prices are expected to climb as we enter the hot summer months and with much of China experiencing a severe drought - hydroelectric power is severely hampered.

How can India and China heavy industry and utilities save on their Coal use?

Asia Coal Catalyst Company offers CC-88 Coal Combustion Catalyst to Save on coal usage in India, China and across Asia.

CC-88 is a tried and proven Fireside Chemical Treatment (FCT) developed in the USA and now being tried out in Turkey, indonesia, Korea, India and China.

CC-88 is applicable to all types of Coal combustion systems needing to improve energy efficiency. Many of China's aging industrial boiler systems are inhibited by slagging and fouling. As hard carbon deposits on the inside of a boiler the slag inhibits heat transfer, which reduces fuel efficiency.

CC-88 works to soften existing hard carbon deposits and help prevent new slag formation. Ass CC-88 Combustion Catalyst works its way through the boiler system it will help combust wasted carbon fuel that is collecting in the cold end of the boiler. As the cold end soot deposits, soot blowers and other slag removal devices removed remaining soot more thoroughly and efficiently, this also lowers the load on pollution control devices (electrostatic precipitators)

CC-88 will reduce fuel consumption by as much as 5% - 15% percent depending on the type of boiler, the boiler efficiency, the type of coal burned and the thermodynamics of the system.

CC-88 is designed to pay for itself through fuel savings and by helping to significantly reduce costs of boiler maintenance. Poor performing boilers are subjected to unscheduled shutdowns for removal of slag and due to fouling; sometimes resulting in costly equipment repairs.

Asia Coal Catalyst is dedicated to providing our customers with the least expensive method to burn raw coal in the cleanest and most cost effective method.

CC-88 Combustion Catalyst dramatically improves boiler efficiency by optimizing combustion conditions and improving boiler heat transfer. Return on users investment is achieved by utilizing all available carbon in the fuel, improving equipment performance and lowering operating costs.

How does Coal Catalyst work? Coal Catalyst CC-88 accelerates the oxidation-
reaction of carbon to produce more heat per unit time. Coal Catalyst CC-88 Oxidizes carbon at temperatures lower than normal ignition temperatures, this speeds combustion and thereby reduces carbon and slag deposits in the colder regions of the boiler.

Improving coal combustion efficiencies through a simple and cost  effective means such as our Coal Catalyst CC-88 will help conserve valuable fuel resources.

Coal Catalyst  CC-88 helps China’s is directed t0wards the hundreds of thousands of inefficient older small and  medium sized boilers to run more efficiently and to reduce their pollution.

Asia has a large system of coal fired boilers under 100 MWe in size that are currently operating at fairly low combustion efficiencies and have slagging and fouling problems. Both of these problems cause excess amounts of pollution to be emitted into the atmosphere and
consume greater quantities of coal than is necessary. With the use of our CC-88 Coal Catalyst, more efficient boilers can be obtained and lower levels of pollution can be achieved.

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ACCC offers our combustion enhancement products to operators of coal-fired boiler worldwide as a practical and economical solution to balance burning coal with environmental restrictions. Our products reduce coal consumption and pollution.

CC-88 Combustion Catalyst offers an inexpensive and easy-to-use way to effect
more rapid and complete combustion of fossil fuels.

Improved combustion results in less pollution, improved efficiency (more heat per unit of fuel) and lower equipment maintenance costs.

Source:Evan W. Lipstein, CEO Asia Coal Catalyst Company
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